Term Paper on The Joy Luck Club

Joy Luck Club Term Paper:

The Joy Luck Club is the novel written by the American author Amy Tan. The novel is about the Chinese immigrants who have decided to settle in San Francisco and establish a so called Joy Luck Club where people could play mah-jong, a traditional Chinese table game which is often played for money. The game requires developed skills, attention, patience, strategy, memory, observation and calculations, though there is the element of luck there. The novel is written in the specific way and its structure resembles the mah-jong game, as there are four parts, like four participants in the game, though there are exceptions when three players can take part in the game. The every part is divided into another four sections, so the novel consists of 16 chapters as a result.

The main characters of the book are four Chinese American migrant mothers – Suyuan Woo, An-Mei Hsu, Lindo Jong and Ying-Ying “Betty” St. Clair, who gor acquainted at First Chinese Baptist Church and began playing mah-jong when they had time.

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The Joy Luck Club is also about the four daughters who also present their own stories about their lives in the form of vignette – a literary portrait of a personality. In the whole, there are 8 stories which are more or less interconnected and represent the single idea of the novel – the complicated relations between mothers and daughters who have conflicts but at the same time live one another. The majority of critics praised the book and a Chinese American director Wayne Wang decided to create a screen version of the novel and shot a film under the same title.

The Joy Luck Club is the novel about the family relations between mothers and their daughters and the student is able to analyze the book in detail and prepare a good term paper about the novel. The young professional should observe the book from all sides: pay attention to the structure and stylistic devices used in the book; analyze the plot and understand the problems illustrated in the text and learn something about the main characters and the stories about their life. One will need to think about the relevance and importance of the book for the American literature and compare it to the other books of Amy Tan.

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