Term Paper on Toyota Motor Corporation

Motor Corporation term paper:

Toyota Motor Corporation is the largest Japanese automobile corporation, which also offers finance services and has several additional branches of business. The corporation is supposed to be extremely profitable and occupies its eighth place among the 500 world’s beneficial companies.

Toyota Motor Corporation is the most important member of Toyota Group. The company is associated with the brand Toyota, which embodies the world famous automobiles. The company started its development manufacturing looms and with the run of time managed to broaden the choice of its production and become one of the leading corporations in the world. The manufacturing of the first automobiles started in 1933, when Toyota decided to join the new sectors of the market. The first automobiles resembled the existing American cars manufactured by Dodge and Chevrolet.

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During the World war II Toyota produced exclusively lorries for the imperial army, but their quality was poor because of the lack of resources. In the post war period Toyota started to produce the small cars for the individual’s private purposes. In 2007 Toyota won the leading place in the production of the automobiles and even produced more automobiles than General Motors, which was supposed to be the leader for more than 70 years. In 2012 Toyota managed to become the largest automobile manufacturer again. Nowadays, Toyota manufactures not only the automobiles under the brand of Toyota but also Lexus, Scion, Daihatsu, Hino. In addition the corporation owns large banks and other financial institutions providing financial services in Japan and other countries.

There is hardly a person in the world, who has not heard or seen the products of Toyota Motor Corporation, so the topic is worth investigation. Students are supposed to learn about the history of the company, get to know about the solutions and decisions which influenced its difficult development in the long run of history. One can devote time to present information about the structure of the corporation, express the brands belonging to it, describe their peculiarities, strong and weak sides. Of course, it is important to evaluate the corporation’s position in the international arena and predict the further development of Toyota Motor Corporation.

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