Term Paper on Wi-Fi

Term Paper:

Wi-Fi is the trademark which belongs to Wi-Fi Alliance. Moreover, it is the common name of the standard of the wireless (radio) connection of data transition which embraces several protocols and is based on the family of the standards of Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. The most well-known protocol nowadays is IEEE 802.11, which controls the functioning of the wireless networks. The instalment of Wireless LAN was recommended in those areas where the wire network was not possible or economically not profitable. In the majority of companies offices are equipped with the wireless networks, because it makes the access to the Internet and makes it more convenient for everyone, as every employee is able to move about the building and always stay in the area of Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi is widely used not only in the business institutions, but also in apartments, colleges, universities, stores, everywhere, because it makes the Internet accessible, cheap and fast.

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Everyone is able to find the Wi-Fi spot and move in the area of its functioning without being attached to the certain definite place (in case the network is wired). Every modern laptop, smart phone, PSP, PPC is equipped with the option of receiving of the Wi-Fi radio connection. The devices are able to connect to the local network and have the access to the Internet through the hotspot. Although, Wi-Fi is extremely popular nowadays, it can not substitute the mobile communication, because of the little radius of the work of the hotspots.

Wi-Fi is the popular standard of the wireless connection to the Internet which is widely used in business, education and private purposes. The student is asked to prepare an informative term paper about the standard of Wi-Fi and demonstrate its strong and weak sides, the spheres of its usage and the possible perspectives for its development. The young professional can touch upon the history of the development of the standard, the factors which provoked experts design this standard and the success and failure of the introduction of Wi-Fi in the wide usage. The student is able to compare Wi-Fi with other standards and types of the wireless and wire networks and define their advantages and disadvantages. The young professional can draw the wise conclusion evaluating the problem on Wi-Fi objectively.

The student has the opportunity to prepare a high-quality term paper if he reads the well-designed instructions and tips suggested in the form of a free example term paper on Wi-Fi which can be found in the Internet. One can compose a well-structured free sample term paper on Wi-Fi and understand the best research approach towards writing, the appropriate formatting of the text and the successful choice of the methodology.