Term Paper on Women Empowerment

Empowerment Term Paper:

Women empowerment is the complex of efforts and policy which is aimed at the improvement of the female individual, group and social knowledge and professional skills which would be useful for them to join the intellectual global community and compete there. It is obvious that the humanity has made a long way through numerous difficulties building their civilization and now the developed countries reached the post-industrial informational level of development and this stage requires improved knowledge and completely new skills which are different to the ones required before.

More than the half of the world is still in the industrial stage of development and they will have to work hard in order to reach to the level of the developed post-industrial countries.

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The role of the woman in such a country is no less important than of the man and the developed countries do not feel the obstacles and pressure or abuse towards women on the way of their self-development.

Women have the right study, work, occupy the highest positions in the country, vote and to be elected, etc. They work in the leading corporations of the world, develop their skills and knowledge and influence economics greatly. Women empowerment is the total freedom for women to study and improve themselves to play the active part in the life of the country on all levels. Unfortunately, women empowerment faces numerous problems in the developing countries, because there are still prejudices about the role of the woman in the society and these prejudices are generally based on the culture of the country and its traditions and religious views.

Women empowerment is the issue which requires attention, because women are still abused and have problems at work, educational institutions and politics. It is important to provide everyone with the equal opportunities of self-development in order to research the common success. The student who is investigating the topic on women empowerment should explain the meaning of the term and its major principles. It is important to enumerate the problems women still face and compare the situation in different countries suggesting the adequate and effective solutions which can maintain women empowerment.

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