Term Paper on Woodstock

Term Paper:

Woodstock music festival is known to be one of the greatest rock music festivals of all times. It was held on August, 15 – 18, 1969 in the countryside of the state New York in the USA. The festival is recorded in the history like the end of the era of hippy. More than 500 thousand people attended the festival from all corners of the US. Most of them did not have any tickets just arrived to enjoy one of the greatest rock festivals and listen to the performance of the favorite bands. Among the most famous bands and musicians which performed at Woodstock were the Cure and Jimmy Hendrix. The festival was planned for no more than 200 thousand people, but nobody expected that it would attract so much attention. No wonder, there was a complete chaos on the roads, because they can not serve for such a great crowd.

The list of the groups which were invited for the festival became shorter, because some of them could not perform at those terms. For example, the world famous band the Beetles, which was expected as one of the headliners, did not participate in the festival. Nevertheless, the audience received enough positive emotions and joy. The festival was recorded and the movie was created on its basis which was awarded with Oscar. There were several more Woodstock festivals, which were dedicated to the one of the 1969th. Woodstock is not just the symbol of good music, but a symbol of great serious changes in the society, like the Sexual Revolution and liberalization.

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When one is writing about this famous event, he should not limit his research with the positive aspects of the festival. Evidently, there were registered several deaths and injuries, because great crowd is a dangerous place, especially for children. Moreover, the festival was visited mostly by young people, who drank alcohol and used drugs; which also could cause negative consequences. A good term paper should be a deep analysis of the problem. It should not just dwell on the bands and music performed there, but present the role of the festival for the Western Civilization, because the event caused fundamental changes, which influence our life even now.

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