The Bermuda Triangle Term Paper

Paper on The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda triangle is also known to many as “the devil’s triangle”. It is a stretch of the Atlantic Ocean bordered by a line from Florida to Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and back to Florida. It is considered one of the largest mysteries though it is not really a mystery. This term was initially used by Vincent H. Gaddis in his article for Argosy Magazine at around 1964. His writing spoke about the numerous planes and ships that disappeared in the great sea with no explanation.

However, he was not the first individual to arrive at such a conclusion. Other writers such as George X. who wrote articles on Fate Magazine had also noted the rise in strange accidents in the region. However, his argument was not primarily based on the occurrences in the Bermuda triangle. An insight on the triangle and the incidences relating to it will be discussed in this document.

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It was until 1969 that a book, ‘’Limbo of the Lost’’ by John Wallace was published. It specifically shared about the events of the triangle. After two years, a documentary by the name, “The Devils Triangle” was also released (Jackson & Riordan, 2007). Its reception was overwhelming; it permanently registered as the legend within popular culture. However, several books and articles that were produced thereafter suggested that the mysterious disappearances were owed to aliens. The species (aliens) were perceived as technologically advanced and lived either under the sea or in space. Based on past and current events, the phenomenon noted in the Bermuda triangle includes a glowing green fog and white water caused by satellite scanning (Church & Hillier, 2009).

The earliest tale linked to the Bermuda triangles was the “flight 19” mystery that dated back to December 5th 1945. At the time, five avenger members were routinely lifted from Navel Air station in Florida at a round 2pm in the afternoon. The flight had a commander by the name Charles Taylor and a couple of students. The mission was aimed at practicing bombing runs due East to Hens and chicken Shoals. On accomplishing the mission, it was required that there be additional flights for 11 miles East, followed by a turn to the North for 73 miles, and back to the base. The described cycle would take a triangle path over the sea (DeMolay, 2007).

Shortly after takeoff, Robert Cox picked up radio transmission from the pilot, Taylor and complained of failure in the compasses and gave the flight’s location as Florida Keys. Cox advised him to fly Toward Miami if Tailor was sure of his position. At the time, planes depended solely on their starting point based on the flight’s speed, the distance covered, and the direction taken up. Assuming that a pilot miscalculated the figures, they would get lost because there are no landmarks in the sky capable of telling one what positions they are in.

However, a number of modifications have been made such that one can tell their current position by use of GPS (Global Positioning Satellites). This means that it is almost unrealistic to get lost when one uses the right equipment properly. Seemingly, Tailor got confused at some point because he rarely flew East of the Bahamas, which is where he flew to that day. On lifting, the pilot headed towards the South instead of the East, which was the beginning to the deadly results. The more he steered towards the North with an aim of getting out of the keys, the further he travelled out to the sea. In fact, Taylor ignored a suggestion from one of the students aboard that they fly West (Stone, 2011).

As time went by, the weather became unfavorable and darker. Luckily, at about 5.50pm, his team on the ground received a signal of the flight’s weakening signal. This confirmed that the plane was East of Smyrna beach in Florida. However, the communications were too poor and an effort to send a signal to the flight could not be passed. As more hours passed by, a boat and two planes were dispatched in an effort to rescue and direct the crew back to base. However, the signal was lost with the last transmission from flight 19 being registered at 7.04pm.

The above saga is still a mystery today in spite of the investigations conducted by the marine team. However, Taylor’s mother strongly stood against the results, which were later termed as ‘’happening due to unknown reasons”. In 1991, Avengers were found off the coast of Florida although examinations proved that the crew was not from flight 19. Unfortunately, their resting place is still a secret of the Bermuda triangle.

Clearly, numerous inexplicable disappearances and occurrences have occurred in the given area. All rationales that have been brought forth up to date have not satisfied the materialistic parameters of the science behind the triangle (Miller, 2009). There is no statistics presented that would fully account for the mysterious happenings in the course for thousands of years.