The Impact of Corruption on Government Administrative System – Term Paper


The study had demonstrated that corruption has significant impact on African governments it contributes to poverty, poor governance, and violation of human rights. Comparative study of the Governance and Economic Management Assistance Program and e-government in Liberia and Botswana shows that they have made significant impact on reducing corruption and boosting economic growth. Since the establishment of the economic program and e-governance structures, these countries have made huge strides. Evidently, participants of the study indicated that effective control of corruption (93%), management of budget and expenditure (80%), financial management (78%), capacity building (75%), supporting key institutions (72%), and procurement practices (70%) have marked impact on reducing corruption. Furthermore, e-government have considerable impact on corruption for participants perceive that government to government, government to citizen, and government to business impact 65%, 89%, and 77% of corruption respectively. Overall, the findings illustrate that the economies of Liberia and Botswana have tripled in the last one decade after adopting and implementing GEMAP and E-government. 


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Corruption has been an emerging issue in Africa within the context of the government administration systems. Corruption in Africa involves the unprofessional conduct of ability those who hold power and people in authority misuse the power by looking for personal increase, which they are assigned. Segregation and poverty increase do with corruption, because of politics that are living a bountiful life, many of the Africans are lacking from their basic needs such as education, housing, food, right to use clean water and hygiene. Wong & Gomes (2014) describe corruption govern Africa in two parts, the historical and social-economic. Corruption is a challenge to African democratic operation. Historical and social-economic desired to govern effectively by a larger framework of judicial, social, political, and economic checks and balances. When these systems are strictly weakened by corrupt practices, it becomes harder to carry out and implement laws and policies that ensure accountability and transparency (Bamidele, 2013). 

According to Wong (2012), there are two basic forms of corruption. (1)Grand corruption which uses lust and greed for power by those who previously have much wealth and power, and thus, large sums of money are typically caught up in triggering grand corruption.(2)Petty corruption has climbed mostly from economic need amongst business officials and middle ranking government. (Wong, 2012) Africa has been the most corrupt continent in the world due to the corruption that has attacked the entire African system. In order for Africa to survive from corruption, the wide- spread of corruption will handled so. In recent years, corruption has been a hot topic due to (1) cycles of high level corruption cases in developed countries and (2) due to a growing understanding of the expenses of corruption throughout the world and (3) due to the changes politically and economically many countries are undergoing. The government’s ability to cut poverty is to end corruption in African countries, which minimizes and creates development. However, successfully addressing corruption in African countries has become a very important development. Corruption occurs in many areas such as, the political, economic, and administrative levels. Corruption has a worse impact on countries where the judiciary and the legislature are fragile, where regulation of law and loyalty to official rules are not thoroughly observed. Corruption is a governance problem. Ways to decrease corruption and improving governance is by allowing public participation in making decisions, improved lawmaking responsibility and precision, and strengthened public area and greater observance of the rule of law. The greatest weapon against corruption is liberation and open rivalry, whether political, bureaucratic, or economic. Corruption is known as a worldwide experience, which has addressed logically and repeatedly.; ;

In Africa, action needs to take place to get rid of corruption in governmental powers. In order to reduce poverty and improve the well-being of African countries, they have to become more incorporated into the universal financial system and draw greater levels of distant and domestic investment to carry out the development rate necessary. Although Africa has corruption, it is possible to limit corruption and to reduce the effects it has on African nations and societies. In Africa the economic and political power and the head of state has been systematically abused for personal gain in one state after another, resulting in massive personal fortunes (Yeh, 2011).;

The purpose of this of this study is to compare corruption of the government administration system in two countries: Liberia and Botswana Africa. In this comparative analysis, I will discuss how has corruption developed over time. For the most part, corruption in these two countries is assessed according to my findings.;

In Africa, the issues of corruption remain major and challenging to deal with even though some international organizations and developed countries like the United States continues to raise awareness about corruption in Africa. From country to country, corruption remains a vital issue that is causing the unequal distribution of wealth. Civil society organizations, international organizations and each citizen continue to fight corruption from every direction so that the scarce resources available can be used for their intended purpose. If you take a look at the different problems and issues of corruption and compare Botswana and Liberia, you will notice that Botswana is improving and providing more services and resources for its citizens and has formulated policies to fight corruption as it compares to Liberia as one of the oldest countries in Africa. Based on the above information, my research will focus and compare both countries administrative system on the level of corruption.;