The latest trends in the development of e-commerce – Term Paper

The nations have agreed through the immediate governments to involve the other leaders in globe concerning trade proceedings. The same case is being applied in the contracts; hence, the nation is capable of receiving and responding to messages on any conflicts emerging form the relevant economic activities. The latest trends in the development of e-commerce have affected various economic sectors in China. For instance, China being a major telecommunication consumer economy engages in the provision of telecommunication services to the domestic citizens who then perceive the need to venture into the African markets (Duclos and Younger 2006, p. 958). Further, the country’s socio-economic platform engages in global advertising approaches. Hence, the e-commerce practices serve to reach the international clients. Since the advent of technology is irreversible, adaptation remains the best option. Therefore, China’s adoption of the e-government and e-commerce approaches will propel its acquisition of future advantages over other African markets among other global economies. The argument is that the nation will be able to execute its plans at a faster rate compared to the competing economies. 

The aspect of low interest imposed on loans has supported emerging markets across the globe where it gives the entrepreneurs courage to indulge in different market ideas where it has provided more opportunities around the globe. For instance, it has provided employment opportunities, which has reduced the rate of dependency in the community and promoted development. Secondly, the aspect enhances innovation in the society since most innovative ideas require financial support it has helped in the implementation of innovative ideas; hence, curbing financial challenges in the globe over the years.

However, the emerging market is faced with certain challenges and risks that hinder their excellent performance. For instance, in international trade, the parties involved in a transaction must have a similar currency (US-Dollar) to cater for the foreign considerations where the currency exchange rate has been changing and affecting the market. Another effective aspect that outlays the emerging market involves the liquidity and ability of the market as most of the markets have low liquidity and in most cases, this amounts to bankruptcy and collapsing of the market. Regardless of the challenges, the emerging markets have always played a crucial role in curbing financial crisis through the provision of business and investment remedies; thus, covering the economic arrears. Research asserts that the emerging African markets have remained active to the financial progress in China. Critically, the emerging markets have always been the solution to the economic problems accrued by acts of people in the economy at different times since it has healed them through the provision of employment and high levels of productivity in industries (Bräutigam and Zhang 2013, p. 1699).

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