The Perfect Wife – Term Paper

Suzie, the wife of Craig, was in the kitchen early in the morning preparing breakfast when a sharp scream pierced the air. The scream came from the bedroom where she had left her husband and their child, Thomas, fast asleep. She dropped the cooking vessel she’d just removed from the fire as she ran towards the bedroom. She knew that it was happening again. It was her husband, Craig. Craig was so much in pain that he couldn’t hold it in anymore. He was suffering from a rare type of kidney disease that sends painful impulses to the tummy. This was just one out of the many painful mornings Craig had to keep up with.

  It was only a week after Suzie had given birth to Thomas and months before she was ready to undergo an operation to donate a kidney to her husband. That was the medical arrangement that had been made between Suzie and the doctor and which Craig had no idea of. She had planned to donate one of her kidneys as a birthday gift to her husband since she knew nothing would make him happier than regaining his health back. This was later to change as her husband’s condition was getting worse by the day. So she decided to instead use her kidney as an anniversary gift. It was two days before their anniversary.

;She called the doctor whom she had made all the arrangements with and changed the date for the operation knowing clearly the health implications and danger that she stood to face. The doctor advised her against the idea, but she resolved to go on with it despite the dangers. Quarter past two in the afternoon, Craig and Suzie were in the emergency room ready for an undertaking that would change their lives for the better. Before that, Suzie had written a; short note on a colorful piece of paper which read, “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DEAR, HOPE THIS WILL BRING YOU THE HAPPINESS THAT YOU DESERVE.”

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; During the operation, Suzie developed some complications after donating one of her kidneys to Craig and succumbed shortly after. On regaining consciousness, her husband found the note that her wife had written beside the bedside table. A big smile covered his entire face until the doctor came in later and broke the sad news to him. He couldn’t help but weep his heart out wishing that his wife would have let him die instead. He’s always been wondering how having a perfect wife would feel like. One that would go to great lengths just to see her family happy. One that would sacrifice her being just to save that of those she loves. Now he knows that perfect wives do exist; only that he doesn’t have one.