The Roaring Twenties Facts – Term Paper

The roaring twenties characterized radical changes in the life of Americans in lifestyles such as fashion, urbanization, sports, culture and politics. To begin with fashion, women did away with their strict dress codes and began donning cloth items such as short skirts and trousers. Men also began wearing athletic clothing. Formal attire in the 20s inspired suits worn today.

Culture also flourished in the twenties with women openly smoking and drinking. This was the birth of the new 19th-century woman. With the economy growing, people could afford luxuries like refrigerators, radios, cars and many other home appliances. The jazz culture was popular with the younger peer group, who loved bands playing in dance halls.

Many people started living in cities moving away from the rural areas. This was encouraged by better transportation where many highways were constructed, the train systems were improved, and the greatest of all was the aviation industry, where Charles Lindbergh flew from New York to Paris nonstop. This fuelled the need to develop airports.

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In the beginning, the 20s was the era of Republican leadership with nationalistic and fundamentalist organizations. With improvements in the media- radio broadcasts and TVs, Americans received access to news and current affairs. Despite the Teapot Dome Scandal, the Republicans never lost popularity in the country.

The 1920s inspired so much of football, baseball, and boxing that it was termed as the golden age of American sports. The NFL was formed on 20th August 1920 originally known as American Professional Football Association.  The national championship game of the roaring twenties was called the Rose Bowl which would later be rephrased in the late sixties, and the name Super Bowl became the official name for the championship games.