The Sparrow Book – Term Paper

The Sparrow Book

In the book, Russell has used evil tools to create distinction between those in authority and those who are subject to the leaders. Russell in her work quotes that: The sparrow still falls (Page 7) because of the evils were done. Mary used the quote to stress on the evils that were being done by those in authority. The book also has some biblical versus search as Matthew ten, verse twenty-nine: Not one sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it.” (Page 56)This was the consulting factor to Sandoz. This essay looks into the dilemma into the book.

In the book, there is a theme of social hierarchies where those in authorities are the Christians. In the book, Sandoz who all through the book maintains that the mission to Rakhat was inspired by divine motives is made to undergo a lot of suffering. In the book those who are subscribed to the Christian faith face a lot of challenges thus making them receive the harsh part of the authority. People in Rakhat, especially the leaders use evil so that they can protect their leadership positions. They carry out some norms and activities to the individuals who have visited the Rakhat world. The sole purpose of their engagement in such like acts that are universally accepted is to protect their position as leaders is to secure their post as the leaders of that world. They do not surrender because this group that has come to Rakhat, the word of music wanted to exercise some degree of power which the authority in Rakhat did not just accept. It is clear in one episode in the film where only one person who went to the world of music returns to earth. This is an indication that the person was mistreated by the authority of Rakhat. He returns to earth while injured. This is an indication that evil was used as a tool by the authority in Rakhat to protect their position. As much as it can be seen that it was not just for the evil to be done on these people, it is also confusing because that domination that was shown by the authority in Rakhat helped in creating stability and control in the region. It helps in reducing incidences of anarchy in that region. In the film, Sandoz is made a slave by the authority of Rakhat. He is made a slave of songwriting. Sandoz is subjected to sexual slavery where Sandoz is used to satisfy the sexual desires of the musicians. This is an evil tool that the authority in Rakhat used against Sandoz to secure their position by satisfying the desires of their musicians. This indeed proves that the culture of Rakhat is a metaphor for the inter- human kind of domination. . In the book, it is quoted that I do what I do without hope of reward or fear of punishment. I do not require Heaven or Hell to bribe or scare me into acting decently (page 34). That means that decency is not a value to those in authority. Sandoz, however, consoled himself by saying I believe in God the way I believe in quarks (page 56). This was to reduce the pain that Sandoz was experiencing through the sexual slavery.

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From the essay above, it is evitable that those in authority engage in anti-social vices in order to secure their position. They fear being overthrown. This is why they engage in the evil vices without even looking into the consequences of those evils they commit. Domination also assists in maintaining stability within a society.

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