The toughest academic challenge I have ever faced – Term Paper

A friend told me once that one does not just set out to sea and expect to arrive with ease without having to face a storm and great turbulence in order to have an adequate story to share and to see the value of what has been achieved. I did not understand then but now, as I think about it, I see it now. Nothing good comes easy if not for anything but to value an achieved achievement and to have a story to tell like the one I am telling now.

All my time in my junior year, I never got into the honor`s list. Not that I did not try but at that time, I really did not care because then, I was going through a really difficult time in my life. I had to adapt to boarding school, make friends and also deal with my inner fears and troubles. That was why I was always distracted and could never really do well even though I was intelligent. The particular subject that I was seriously not even trying in was Basic Science which to me was really strange because I always understood what was said in class but exam would come and I would just phase out and just not come back until the end and then I would struggle and at the end, manage to pass. It was a really big problem.

 My parents who believed in quality education and was always pressing on having perfects scores and GPA`s were really not liking it and they would always shout and complain and even cut out my summer to receive extra lessons and stopped me from watching TV. I hated myself then not just because of what I was facing at home but because of the fact that I knew that I knew Basic Science but why I was not really doing well in it really baffled me. I would even read till late at night and still not go so far in my grades. What am I going to do? I always asked myself every morning before school.

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So one day, I decided to see my Basic Science teacher and she was actually happy and quite excited to see me and when I told her my problem, she said,

“I know and I was expecting to see you since. Well, I am not even scared about you because I see potential in you. You seem to really flow in this course and I cannot just wait to see you shine. I just want you to leave your burden and stress and let time take care of it. It will pass. It always does. I and the rest of the world is waiting for you, do not keep us waiting for long. We are expecting you vey eagerly. Make me and most importantly yourself proud. Good luck.”

These words were the beginning of my breakthrough and indeed, I excelled. I began to get extremely high scores especially in Basic Science. I was shocked at myself. I was easily making it to the Honor`s list. At the end of my junior school, I came out with distinctions in my final junior school examination. Wow, Right? Of course my parents took the credit for it but I knew and my Basic Science Teacher also knew.

Before such a house was built, research, drawings, survey, excavation and finally the rising of such a work. Not to mention the sweats, shouts, money issue and probably the tears involved. Nothing good comes easy. I learnt.