Toxic Environment – Term Paper

A toxic environment refers to any goings-on a surrounding that can emotionally or physically affects the health of a person. For example, sound, sights, carbon emission, human activities and water contamination (Taylor, 2014). A person health is highly affected by this toxics thus, we should change the environment to be more healing. For example, to minimize carbon emission the society should ensure that burning of fuels is minimized. 


              Water is an essential want in our lives and dumping of waste contribute to a toxic environment. This is because not only does contaminated water kill aquatic life but also affects person’s reliant on it because it causes water-borne diseases such as diarrhea and cholera. Carbon emission enhances a toxic environment because it causes it causes the increase of asthma and lung cancer (Taylor, 2014). Unpleasant sounds contribute to a toxic environment because it leads to psychological problems such as hearing impairment, stress, and hypertension among others. Sights pollution contribute to toxic environment because of excessive lighting of a region (Taylor, 2014). Therefore, this can affects a person health because of not getting enough sleep and also affects the sleep cycle. Some of human activities such as deforestation, oil spill, use of pesticides and insecticides among others contribute to a toxic environment because plants cannot grow properly and lead to starvation.  

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              It is our responsibility to change our environment to be more healing by ensuring that waste products are recycled, reused, compost, and mitigated among others in order to ensure they are minimized and not dumped in our water bodies (Taylor, 2014).  Sounds and lights should not be excessive in order to create a favorable environment. We should tirelessly advocate for banning of harmful human activities in order to enhance sustainability of our natural resources. 


              It is our duty to ensure that the environment will live on have positive impact in our health. Therefore, we should discourage any activities such as sound, human activity, water contamination, carbon emission and sights that contribute to a toxic environment. Not only does sustainability benefits us but also our future generations. 


Taylor, D. (2014). Toxic Communities: Environmental Racism, Industrial Pollution, and Residential Mobility. New York. NTU Press.