Use of equity theory – Term Paper


My experience working as an assistant property manager at the Pergament Mall Enterprises was quite enlightening and challenging. I had sufficient opportunity to put my acquired managerial knowledge and skills into practice. An incident that required me to employ psychology theories was when two of my junior employees engaged in a disagreement. The contention was based on duties to be fulfilled by each one of them; the situation required me to use the equity theory since both of them worked at the same level. The complaining employee felt that he was assigned difficult duties as compared to his colleague who was given easy tasks. However, their pay was the same despite him putting more input to the enterprise.

Solving the issue required excellent psychological skills to make the matter a win-win situation. Through the use of equity theory, I was able to calm the complaining worker and get him to understand that the reason why he was assigned difficult duties is that he was considered more competent than the other workers. The employee lamented that he had to complete complex accounting tasks that involved huge figures. However, as an assistant manager; I was able to motivate him to perform his duties even better because the company had faith in him. “A person’s views on what is fair and unfair can impact their performance either negatively of positively, thus; equity theory helps to solve such issues amicably (Redmond 1). Hence, addressing the matter of inequality through equity theory was convenient as opposed to firing one of the workers to reduce conflict.

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