Vandalism Term Paper

Term Paper:

Vandalism is one of the forms of the destructive deviant forms of behaviour of a human being, which ends with the destruction or pollution of the masterpieces of art and culture and all sorts of property (public, private, etc). There are also explanations which define vandalism as the state of the human mind, the type of the character which is directed at the destruction of the beautiful things, the masterpieces of art in particular. The general explanation of the term in the context of law sounds like the destruction of the private or public property on purpose and because of ignorance. Vandalism got its name during the real historical event, which occurred in Rome in 455 AD. The German tribe of the Vandals sacked Rome, stole and destroyed numerous masterpieces and treasures of the ancient civilizations. Since that time the destruction of the property by certain individuals or groups of people has become called vandalism.

For example, the French Revolution and the majority of the revolutions in the world are associated with vandalism, because very often the property and the material values are stolen and destroyed.

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Today there are many types of vandalism and the most famous or widespread among them are: graffiti and all its types, like tagging and bombing (generally graffiti which promotes immoral and antisocial information are treated like vandalism); burning of books; desecration of graves; damage of the monuments of culture; damage of the masterpieces of art; burning of churches, etc. Vandals are motivated by numerous factors. For example, some people obtain wealth in this way; for the others it is a game; a revenge; ideology and tactics.

Vandalism is a serious problem which still exists in the human society and requires rapid solutions.

There have been many attempts to stop vandalism but unfortunately it is impossible. A good term paper on vandalism should explain the problem from all sides and touch upon the factors which cause the problem and analyze its effect. One can observe the problem of vandalism on the basis of the case from the real life and analyze the effect of vandalism on the human society. The student is expected to analyze the topic on vandalism in detail and suggest the best solutions to the illegal and destructive actions and demonstrate knowledge and professional skills.

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