What Means Family – Term Paper

Family and Parenting

The day was such a good day, at least that was the comment I came to make at the end. I still vividly recall the morning of February 14, 2011. As anyone would have expected, my hopes of having a great day were high and having been away from home and family for a while, I had prepared myself to come to a warm reception. For the last eighteen months, I had been serving as soldier in the Kenya- Somali border, fighting the infamous Al-Shabaab militants who had infiltrated into our beloved country and caused so much harm and deaths through their terror attacks. For one and a half years, I had been busy, pursuing and being pursued, protecting my country with all my heart and strength. My family, especially wife of barely two years and my then four-month-old daughter, had to pay the price of living without me for the period of the assignment. As usual, I was filled with hope, tears of joy falling freely as the plane made contacts with the Airport runway. The day having coincided with the Valentines day, I had expected the love of my life to be right there, probably prepared with some flowers. To surprise her, I had also prepared a military kind of celebration, salute her and give her a ride in the military helicopter, having received permission from out Army generals. As I stepped out of the plane onto the dry ground, the ground of my home, the land I had so much missed, all I had hoped for was to see my family, nothing else. Unknown to me and the rest of the squad, the government had planned a national reception party to be hosted by the President himself, all the top government officials were present and it was such an honor seeing my face on the national television with a running head: “Welcome back our beloved heroes.” My wife and I had a once in a life-time chance of dining with the President and the top military generals. On this day, I had prepared top surprise my wife and to assure her of my undying love for her. I had no idea that the entire country had also prepared a surprise to assure my colleagues and me for their support, love, and commitment to see us through out daily duties. This was a surprise I had not anticipated; It has been in my memory since then.

Trust in Family

My parents may not be the most brilliant people, or Ivy League college graduates, but they are the most compassionate, loving, caring and religious people. Since I celebrated my tenth birthday, my father has always shown concern in my academic work. He is the father figure in my life and friend. Unlike my friends with absentee fathers, my father used to drive me to and from school. He came to school during all parent meetings until the time I joined the university. Yesterday night when he comes to my house, he told me to be a man, not a boy. He told me the importance of being responsible for my action and words. That is the time I realized that I needed to start making my decision when sober. On the other hand, my mother is a career homemaker. Loving and caring she is, but also a strict disciplinarian when it comes to stupid mistakes. However, I owe allot to her because when we were young, she used to be the nurse when we fell ill, a teacher after school as she helped us with our homework, and a banker when we needed pocket money as a rule of thumb. Even though she was highly educated, she sacrificed her career for our sake. The last time we had a lengthy discussion, she told me that she did not want us to conform to the societal standards whether they are descriptive, injunctive, prescriptive or proscriptive but use my brain to think things out before taking any action. It through her that I learnt the importance of parent-child relationship and the suit affecting the parent-child relationship

Parent-Child Relationship

Getting someone who can stand by your side in times of needs is not easy. This is how my parents have demonstrated their love to me since I was a toddler until now that I am a grown up man. My parents are this special because their love to me is forever sufficient. When I was a young man, they always prayed for me and wished me blessings everyday. When I became a teenager, my parents understood my stubbornness and they helped me through the stage. They helped me to control my feelings so that I could utilize my teenage energy fruitfully. They taught me one aspect that has really helped me during my adulthood; praying. They no longer came to my bedroom to pray for me before I sleep but instead they involved me in prayers. One time I remember I so sick that I had lost all my hopes in living. My friends and other relatives had visited me until they were tired and they no longer visited me. My parents were always there by my side, giving me hope, words of encouragement, motivation and praying for me. They encouraged me to pray and to believe that God would always bring me to my normal health. Another time that I can never forget is when my mum had sacrificed to sell our house so that she can afford to pay my university fee. I know quite well that no one else in this world would have dared to do such things for their friends or even relatives but my mum who has always wished the best things for me was willing to do it wholeheartedly. My parents are special because they have taught me one principle that seem to apply directly in life. They always tell me that when I am faced with challenges I should remember that “Challenges in life are my partner and friend in arms and they will always make me a good solution finder.” This principle has always been my guide and it reminds me of my parents everyday.

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