What Role, If Any, Should International Trade Law Policy Play in Respect to Economic Development of Developing Nations.

The Legal International Trade course has several key areas of focus for Students of International Business. 1. Global Trade. Agreements and Regional Economic Blocks 2. International Contracts 3. Legal Aspects of International Sale of Goods 4. International Partnership Agreements 5. International Intellectual Property Law 6. International Competition and Antitrust Laws 7. Payment and Financial Aspects of International Contracts 8. International Transportation of Goods and Insurance 9. Resolution of Disputes 10. E-commerce in International Trade 1. Emerging Issues in International Trade Law Students may define their own essay topics based on one (1) of the focus areas set out above. Alternatively, set out below are a number of proposed essay topics that you may wish to consider for your term paper in International Trade Law. 1. Review and discuss whether competition laws may be an effective tool to replace anti dumping rules in international trade. 2. What role, if any, should international trade law policy play in respect to economic development of developing nations. . What relationship should there be between international trade law and business ethics. What is the role of ethics in international trade policy. 4. Considering the WTO Dispute Settlement process, evaluate the effectiveness and potential trade implications of enforcement mechanisms that may be used against a country that fails to abide by a ruling of the WTO. 5. Do the trade rules contained under the WTO favour the interests of developed nations over those of developing nations. 6.

Should the concept of “public domain” be incorporated into TRIPS and supported by WIPO, and if so, why. 7. Should the same rules of free trade for goods apply to agricultural products. 8. Review the decision making process in the WTO from the inception of the WTO to the present day. Does the decision making process still work or does it need to be reformed and, if so, what proposals for reform are there. Essays will be fifteen to twenty (15 – 20) pages in length. The essay should demonstrate quality research and analysis of the selected topic.

All citation of sources will conform to the APA format. Grammar, spelling and professional writing must be of a quality sufficient to clearly communicate your content to the reader. The essay must demonstrate a mastery of the topic with a convincingly-argued and meaningfully documented thesis. The essay represents twenty-five percent (25%) of the final course grade. The standard Georgian College research paper rubric will be utilized as a guideline for assessment purposes.

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