Why Teachers Should be Paid More – Term Paper

Every day, on the online platforms, and television among others, we see that many athletes are signing million dollar contracts. Statistics indicates that professional baseball ball player who realized his or her skills through their school teachers earn 1000 times than their teachers. The bodies concerned should not allow such big disparities to occur (TownNews.com, 2010). As much as sports is valued, education is the genesis of everything and should be even valued more. Well, teaching is a noble profession and teachers provide a service that is usually accepted and believed to be a contributing factor of real development in the society. Thus, as a matter of maintaining the quality and motivating the parties concerned, the teacher’s reward should be at the heart of everyone and thus, should be the best (Hohne 3). The aim of this paper is to present an argument behind why teachers should be paid more than athletes.;

Reasons why teachers should be paid more

The work of teachers has a direct impact on the societies regarding developing and improving the lives of the students. The value that they impact to the students is directly seen in their behaviors and general life, especially the active life;s attribute. Comparing with the work or act of any athlete, their chief work is not to improve the life of the promising young citizens. However, it has fame and money that will only be evident in their families. Hence, this provides a framework that is evident on the reasons why teachers should be paid more since their actions positively reflect a better and admirable society at a future perceptive (Ingersoll, 2009).;

Also, a teacher commits a significant portion of time to teach and educate the students who have different career aspirations and hope. For instance, teachers produce other teachers, doctors, nurses, engineers, bankers, politician, pilots and all other professionals; one might think about. Such professionals are the one who makes the society complete and worth living for due to kind of the services they provide. Ideally, the future and dream of any child are realized through the action of their teachers. Not even their parent can be much associated with the success of their child as it can be done to the teachers. Even the athletes realize their skills through physical education teachers (Walden 2-4). Thus, evaluating the positive influence that the teachers have and the variety of talents and professionals they mold, it is valid to state that their pay should not only be higher than those of athletes but of all other professionals.;

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Teachers take their time to get their vocational training in the colleges which could be some years. They are dedicated to learning and afterward promote positive value improvements through teaching. They give the student the gift of knowledge and inspire them for long considering that teachers are the ones who stay with children for a quite long time in their life. Athletes offer less or no positive motivation to children only that they are involved in training and improvising their skills to perform more efficiently in their different areas of specialization (Hohne, 2016). The federal government should recognize the efforts and dedication of the teachers and ensure that their pay is more as compared to that of the athletes.

In conclusion, looking at the number of talents that teachers nurture, different professionals they produce and all in all contribution that they offer, it is safe to state that their salaries should be more than those of athletes. The stakeholders concerned should ensure that teachers pay are reviewed and increased. This will even act as a source of inspiration and motivation as they perform their work.

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