Writing Experience

My experiences in writing have been minimal. I have only learned the basics of writing, like putting together sentences, forming paragraphs with sentences, and things like that. Since I have been taking college English, can tell my writing has improved a lot. In the future, I hope to be able to improve tremendously at writing essays, paragraphs, research papers, documents, and stories so that I have very little to no errors with drafting and final products. I predict I will be a well rounded writer when graduate from college. Writing in the past started in kindergarten.

My teacher taught me how to rite my name over and over until I could write it with no errors. All through elementary’ my teachers taught me to put together words to form sentences. I Was also taught how to correctly write sentences So that I did not have any run-ones or fragments only clean, complete, and well put together sentences. Eventually in Jar. High and High school I was able to use what I had learned in previous years to write paragraphs, term papers, and research papers for my English teachers as a grade. Everything that had learned in school helped me to be able to write resumes for jobs in my adult life.

It is very important that y resumes be very well written and that my words are professional. Employers look at how well resumes are worded and how well it is put together. That has a huge effect on getting a job. If the employer sees that I can not write or use words that are not professional that could cost me the job I was trying to get. My writing has been very basic up until this point hope to gain the knowledge of great writing from this point on. I have many writing needs that need to improve on and goals that want to accomplish while in college. A few of them consist of being able to organize my thoughts so they make sense. De to be able to write papers so that they can be understood by my readers and that they all tie in together from start to finish. Being able to write about a topic and collecting all the resources and information I need to do so is another weakness of mine that I want to be able to improve in, in college. Need to learn to quit thinking as much on what I want to write about and how to write about a topic and just starting jotting stuff down in outline form as it comes to mind. Run-ones and fragments need to be able to spot and fix right away or I really need to not have any in my papers at all.

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My goals are to write papers and not have to reassure myself that maybe I need to do more research or have more data or even have to rethink my whole topic over. I would love to have the knowledge to be a tutor someday and teach other people how to properly write papers, paragraphs, essays, and maybe even books. To have excellent skills in writing will definitely be a great advantage in my nursing profession. In nursing, I will have to do lots of charting on my patients. I will have to do health presentations on various subjects such as exercising how our society eats, and sex education if I want to be a course instructor.

Researching information on all of those topics I will have to make sure do an excellent job on and collect accurate information and statistics so that can compare to other sources. Dictating to the doctor means that I will need to write properly so that he understands what I am saying. Other nurses will have to be able to understand what I am talking about by my writing skills when doing shift changes. Will have to be very precise so that other nurses will not get confused by reading my papers and inputs on patients and in my patient files. It is very important that I have great writing skills in my field of work as a ruse.