A Comprehensive Study on the Problems and Prospects of Hrm Profession in Bangladesh

Introduction Human Resource Management (HRM) is a way of management that links people-related activities to the strategy of a business or organization. HRM is often referred to as “strategic HRM”. This includes employment and arbitration in accord with the law, and with a company’s directives. Most of the cases in the organization are not so much concerned about the employee management, but employees are the heart of the organization. This important portion of an organization in a precise is conducted by a person called Human Resource Manager.

Although the background of Human Resource Management is not so matured, it creates an importance within the organization. Day by day it makes a challenging career in our country perspective. In this new millennium has bought new challenges for the HR professions. As we move into the ‘new economy’, the focus on people and knowledge has steadily increased. Today, companies face new challenges in dealing with issues such as the scarcity of talent, the value of ideas/knowledge and the changing preferences of the labor market.

Consequently, successful HR strategies are needed more than ever. To fulfill this need the HR managers more or less have to face some constraint. Now being a contemporary issue of problems and prospects of Human Resource professions we have consider it as our topic. 1. Objective The First objective of preparing this report was to fulfill the course requirement. The other objective was to identify the problems and prospects of Human Resource professions. 2. Limitations During preparing this report there were time, cost and resource limitation.

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So, we can not perform the research for the term paper precisely. 1. Methodology The information of this study is basically collected from primary data where we tried our best to find out “The Challenges of Human Resource Management in Bangladesh” by surveying the related people (HR manager) and students. For the purpose of this survey, we use mixed questionnaire method included open and close ended questions. Therefore, some of the information collected from secondary data through internet browsing.

For the analytical purpose, here we used “pie”, “bar” and “column” diagram through which we tried to find out what types of challenges HR manager faces and the percentage of HR manager who faces these kinds of problems on the perspective of Bangladesh. 2. Reviewing the Literature Researcher Dr. Alvin Chan at a research forum in Asia an Advisor for several organizations such as Cambridge PI (Europe) and Tumble Tots (Singapore and Asia-Pacific) did a research on the article “HRM Singapore Asia motivation tumble”. In his research he found the problem and challenge of HRM.

The finding of his research was the challenges of workplace diversity. The future success of any organizations relies on the ability to manage a diverse body of talent that can bring innovative ideas, perspectives and views to their work. The challenge and problems faced of workplace diversity can be turned into a strategic organizational asset if an organization is able to capitalize on this melting pot of diverse talents. If the organizational environment does not support diversity broadly, one risks losing talent to competitors.

This is especially true for multinational companies who have operations on a global scale and employ people of different countries, ethical and cultural backgrounds. The challenge of workplace diversity is also prevalent amongst Singapore’s Small and Medium Enterprises. The HR professional must assure the local professionals that these foreign talents are not a threat to their career advancement (Toh, 1993). In many ways, the effectiveness of workplace diversity management is dependent on the skilful balancing act of the HR manager.

One of the main reasons for ineffective workplace diversity management is the predisposition to pigeonhole employees, placing them in a different silo based on their diversity profile (Thomas, 1992). A student of International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC) named A. M. S. Imtiaz Bhuiyan made a report on the article “Human resource profession is very challenging in Bangladesh”. In his report he found some challenges of HR profession in Bangladeshi perspective.

The challenges are developing HR policies and planning, managing knowledge workers, existing in the changing environment, attracting and recruiting the best employees, challenges of workforce diversity, managing globalization effect, leadership development, managing the value chain for business competitiveness, managing profitability through cost and growth, focusing capabilities, fostering organizational flexibility, designing benefit plans, creating compensation scheme, managing technological challenge, transforming the organization, creating good environment, ongoing legal compliance, partnering with the business, facilitating professional and personal development and the last one is appraising performance and evaluating. 3. Discussion and Analysis We performed a survey to find out the major problems that the HR managers face. 15 students and 5 HRM professionals were participated in our survey. After that we find out the problems and prospects of HRM profession in Bangladesh.

Then we analyzed all the information. The analyze part is given below. 1. Challenges of HR Managers Here we have actually randomly asked to our responder like some student and HR managers about some problem faced by the HR manager in the organization. We have sorted out their answer into these categories. This information is given below in the table. |Performance appraisal and evaluating system |2 | |Transforming the Organization |1 | |Globalization effect |1 | |Managing Technological Change |1 |Workforce diversity |4 | |Environmental Problem |12 | |Legal Obligation |8 | |Behavior Challenge |3 | |Communication Problem |1 | |Recruitment Problem |5 | |Selection and Training |5 | |Compensation and Benefited |1 | |Strategy |1 | For facilitating we have showed these data over a bar chart. 2. Conflict with Top Management during Conducting HR Plans Sometimes HR manager can face problem with the top management during conducting the HR plans. Our maximum responder was agreed with this matter. Out of 20 responders 15 responders were agreed, 14 were indifferent and 4 were strongly agreed with these topic. Strongly Agree |4 | |Agree |15 | |Indifference |1 | |Disagree |0 | |Strongly Disagree |0 | We have showed these data by a bar chart for easily understanding. [pic] 3. Coping with Strategic Plans During HR plans HR managers face the challenges to conflict over the strategic plan. Our 6 responders were strongly agreed with the issue, 9 were agreed and 5 were indifferent. Most of the responders revealed their opinion being agreed. Strongly Agree |6 | |Agree |9 | |Indifference |5 | |Disagree |0 | |Strongly Disagree |0 | We have showed this information by a bar chart. [pic] The main challenge of HR professionals is to develop an effective HR policy for organization which will part of strategic plan to maintain competitive advantage. On the basis of HR policy, HR planning development also a major task of HR professionals. 4. Challenges with Economic Condition during Formulating Plans HR managers face problems with economic condition during formulating HR plans. We can say by this table that 2 were strongly agreed, 12 were agreed, 5 were indifferent and 1 was disagreed. Strongly Agree |2 | |Agree |12 | |Indifference |5 | |Disagree |1 | |Strongly Disagree |0 | This bar chart will help us to give a snap idea about this matter. [pic] 5. Managing Knowledge Worker Another problem of HR manager has been faced by HR manager is managing knowledge worker. responders were strongly agreed, 12 were agreed, 1 was indifferent and 1 was disagreed. |Strongly Agree |6 | |Agree |12 | |Indifference |1 | |Disagree |1 | |Strongly Disagree |0 | By showing this graph we can get a overall idea about this topic. [pic] Management is not what it used to be. In Bangladesh, we are looking at different kind of people who does not obey the principles of management for the traditional group.

In facing new groups of employees, many seasoned managers have found their traditional style of management slightly out of date. This group included higher educational qualifications, taking up responsibilities at a lesser age and experience, high bargaining power due to the knowledge and skills in hand, technically high profile and some others where clear difference is seen in terms of organization career commitment to individualized career management. Managing this set of people is essential for the growth of any industry but especially the IT and other knowledge based sectors. 6. Problem with Legal Obligations Sometimes HR mangers have to face problems maintaining legal obligations.

About these matter most of the responders were indifferent like 10. 4 were strongly agreed and 6 were agreed. |Strongly Agree |4 | |Agree |6 | |Indifference |10 | |Disagree |0 | |Strongly Disagree |0 | At a glance we can the overall idea like this way. [pic] Laws and other government regulatory requirements tend to be very ynamic, subject to constant change. So regular updating of regulation and ensuring legal compliance as per current requirement is also a challenge for HR professional in Bangladesh. Moreover in the country legal explanation does not seem to be adequate. There is lack of uniformity of the interpretation of law that lead to practice by organizations in different way. There is also ambiguity of existing legal policy or detailed policy framework on HR actions seems to be incomplete. 7. Problem with Attracting and Retaining Best Employees Attracting and retaining the best employee is the major challenges for the HR manager. Our responders respond is shown below by the table. Strongly Agree |8 | |Agree |11 | |Indifference |1 | |Disagree |0 | |Strongly Disagree |0 | Here we can see that 8 peoples were strongly agreed, 11 were agreed and 1 was indifferent. [pic] Business organizations of the future will compete aggressively for the best people, and the successful organizations will be the ones that are able to attract good people, use them effectively, develop them and retain their skills within the organization. 8.

Challenges of Work Force Diversity We have found another problem in HR practices is work force diversity. 8 people were strongly agreed and agreed, 3 were agreed and 1 was disagreed. The table and the bar chart show the overall idea at a glance. |Strongly Agree |8 | |Agree |8 | |Indifference |3 | |Disagree |1 | |Strongly Disagree |0 | [pic]

The future success of any organizations relies on the ability to manage a diverse body of talent that can bring innovative ideas, perspectives and views to their work. The challenge and problems faced of workplace diversity can be turned into a strategic organizational asset if an organization is able to capitalize on this melting pot of diverse talents. With the mixture of talents of diverse cultural backgrounds, genders, ages and lifestyles, an organization can respond to business opportunities more rapidly and creatively, especially in the global arena (Cox, 1993). More importantly, if the organizational environment does not support diversity broadly, one risks losing talent to competitors. 9. Challenges during Managing Globalization Effect Globalization effect is the vast topic in allover the world.

In HR practices it has also a great impact. Our responder said that most of the cases it effects a lot. Some were indifferent and disagreed about this matter. |Strongly Agree |5 | |Agree |10 | |Indifference |4 | |Disagree |1 | |Strongly Disagree |0 | For a at a glance idea we have showed this data by bar chart. [pic]

This is the period of globalization, so HR professionals must master global operating skills and the HR function must build global capabilities for the organization such as the ability to move talent, ideas, and information around the world. 10. Problem with Compensations and Benefits More compensations and benefits inspire a man to do any work. So in our thesis we also consider this issue. But we have find out most of the cases about this stuff responder were satisfied. |Yes |8 | |No |6 | |Indifferent |6 |

If we observe the pie chart we can say that 40 percent peoples are satisfied with compensation and salaries, 30 percent were indifferent and rest of the 30 percent were dissatisfied. [pic] There is a growing need to find more creative ways to motivate and reward employees, at all levels. The demographics of your particular work force are critical factors to be considered when attempting to redesign incentives, pay structures, etc. 11. Problem Faces during the Team Work In the corporate life most of the employee has to work with a team. So sometimes this may create some problem to the HR managers. Another consideration helps us to find out the HR challenges. Yes |14 | |No |3 | |Indifferent |4 | We can say by viewing the pie chart like 67 percent people said yes, 14 percent said no and 19% percent said they are indifferent. [pic] 12. Training and Development Problems We wanted to ask our responder descriptively about training and development problems faced by HR managers. We have sorted out this answer into several categories by analyzing these answers. This result has bees showed by a table and bar chart. Training and Development Problems | |Lack of Willingness |3 | |Time Limitation |3 | |Monitory |3 | |Evaluating Performance |2 | |Measure efficiency |4 | |Lack of friendliness |2 | |Lack of Knowledge |1 | |Communication Problem |5 | [pic] 13. Problem with Leadership Development Problem with leadership development faced by the HR managers is another challenges sorted out by our thesis. Our survey results were like this. Yes |16 | |No |2 | |Indifferent |2 | 80 percent people said that they faced problem about this stuff, 10 percent people faced no problem and rest of 10 percent were indifferent. [pic] It also proves to be a big challenge. HR professionals continue to wrestle with understanding the best ways to keep people in the pipeline and develop leaders for future succession planning. HR professionals are expected to provide the essential frameworks, processes, tools, and points of view needed for the selection and development of future leaders. 14. Conflict with Working Condition and Environment

Our survey result is shown by the table about conflict over the working condition and environment. |Yes |14 | |No |4 | |Indifferent |2 | 70 percent people said that HR managers faced conflict with working condition and environment, 20 percent faced no significant problem and 10 percent were indifferent. [pic] We wanted to know the causes to that person who thinks this issue is constraint for the HR managers. Their consideration for these constraints is sorted out below. Lack of friendliness |4 | |cultural adjustment |5 | |Motivational Workforce |5 | |Job Distribution |3 | |Lack of communication abilities |1 | |Sexual Harassments |2 | |Working Condition |1 | |Relationship with Co-workers |2 | By observing this bar chart we can get a short idea about this problem with working condition. [pic] To solve any type of harassment in the work-place is very much challenging for HR Professional. Personal liking or disliking of boss, sexual harassment or any type harassment spoils the working environment and tend to decrease the productivity.

Without these problems, HRM professionals faces some others problems. We have collected the following information from internet. 4. Change management It represents a particular challenge for HR professionals, as this expertise has generally not been a consistent area of focus for training and development. This challenge arises by organization expansion and shifting management. When organization expands from their original work i. e. a garments factory expand to composite knitting then HR professional face some challenge. In shifting the work keeping smoothness is very much challenging. 16. Profitability through Cost and Growth Revenue growth is a key component of the profitability equation.

The main paths to growth include through leveraging customers, leveraging core competencies and mergers, acquisitions or joint ventures. Each of these has HR implications and requires co-operation between management and HR professionals to design and deliver new organizational practices. It is a great challenge for the HR managers. 17. Managing Technological Challenge Managers and HR professionals need to be able to redefine work to maximize the value of technology in the organization. This means making technology a viable and productive part of the work setting, and requires that HR professionals keep ahead on the information curve. 18. Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring

These will continue as long as companies strive for increased economies of scale, greater productivity and market share. The changes we have been reviewing are largely driven by one or more of these activities. The potential employee problems associated with combining differing work cultures, restructuring hurdles can offset the intended benefits of the changes. 19. Performance Appraisal & Evaluation System A good performance evaluation system verifying that there is a performance deficiency and determining whether that deficiency should be corrected through training or through some other means (such as transferring the employee). , so effective performance appraisal will motivate the employee which is a big task of HR professional. 5.

Recommendation The role of the HR professionals in Bangladesh must parallel the needs of the changing organization. Successful organizations are becoming more adaptable, resilient, quick to change directions, and customer-centered. Within this environment, the HR professional must learn how to manage effectively through planning, organizing, leading and controlling the human resource and be knowledgeable of emerging trends in training and employee development. Our recommendations are: ? Establishing & computerizing Human Resource Information System ? Applying motivational approach ? Planning a monitoring the program ? Organizing talents strategically Leading the talk and establishing leadership boldly ? Following appropriate recruiting system to find out the best employees ? Control & measure result ? Gain Sharing ? Appropriate training & development program ? Proper rewarding system developed ? Good image development about organization to ensure compliance, fairness, justice and impartiality ? Maintaining good relationship with top management ? Getting knowledge about up to date news of outside worlds ? Creating power to adopt new innovations and technologies ? Taking decisions depending on country law and legislation ? Making any shorts of plans depending on the strategic plans ?

Gathering knowledge about the global economy as well as culture ? Creating a friendly working environment 6. Conclusion However, even with various challenges in Bangladesh, HR professionals try to good contribution in organizational development. Not only Multinational companies, local companies in the country are receiving enormous economic benefit from companies in other regions that are continuing to outsource their information technology, customer service and manufacturing needs. Such global economic realities, along with the political developments that influence them, require decisive, ethical and visionary local leadership to quickly and effectively navigate and manage change.

HR professionals in Bangladesh, as elsewhere, need to be sensitive to external conditions as well as to their own commitment to achieve organizational goal. REFERENCES 1. http://www. zeromillion. com/business/hrm. html; Date: April 21, 2011; Time: 10 am 2. http://humanresources. about. com/od/glossaryh/f/hr_management. htm; Date April 22, 2011; Time: 11 pm 3. http://www. fibre2fashion. com/industry-article/business-management-articles-reports/the-challenges-of-human-resource-management/the-challenges-of-human-resource-management1. asp; Date: April 23, 2011 Time: 9. 30 pm 4. http://www. google. com/#sclient=psy&hl=en&source=hp&q=the+problems+and+prospects+of+HRM+in+bangladesh&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=&bav=on. 2,or. r_gc. r_pw. &fp=3ef72cf79a3a8398; Date: April 25, 2011; Time: 11. 30 am