Abortion as a Threat to the Society – Term Paper


By definition, an abortion is the occurrence when there is an immature termination of a pregnancy which therefore implies that the child will not be born. In living history, there are a pair of the styles utilized when one is to be subjected to an abortion, the first one is the abortion by the use of the pills, or simply medical abortion, and then we have surgical abortion. In the United States, there has been a long history regarding abortion, a history that has had its own complications beyond the imagination of most of the Americans. The abortion issue has entangled the country for an approximated 200 years. However, after the passing of the 9th and the 14th Amendments, abortion has become widely legalized within the United States, across all of the 50 states in the country. This was after the infamous case which involved the Texans, Roe and Wade. Since then, women who have experienced complications in the pregnancies have gone ahead to carry out abortions. However, there are some who have also grabbed the opening provided by the law to wrongfully indulge in illegal abortions. This has led to quark physicians carrying out of abortions hence in most cases, leading to jeopardy of the lives of the very women who have gone to seek help. The danger that abortion poses to our young and beautiful women is something that cannot be overlooked in any case whatsoever, therefore, I hold strong opinion against abortion. It is an act that should by no means, be allowed to thrive within the boundaries of any society. I now kindly invite you to join me as I navigate through the facts that hold and the reason as to why I hold a strong feeling that abortion should be prohibited.

1. Abortion Is Act Of Murder

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The fact that abortion ends the life of an innocent fetus is something that cannot be hidden from any normal reasoning human being. The moment any act of abortion is carried out, there is a high possibility that there is a human life has been snuffed out. It is very tragic that the American doctors have always led the Americans to a belief that abortion is nothing wrong. The fact that the doctors make use of the scientific names like the zygote, the fetus or even the embryo does not lead to alteration of the fact that these unborn babies are humans. The fact remains that these children will ultimately become the babies of the human beings if given the opportunity to reach their maturity. Nobody should allow him/herself to be deceived by anybody who have the habit of calling the spade a big spoon or just the humans whatever but humans. In the instant when there is a fertilization of the human egg by the human sperm, there is a definite answer, the result of the unison is always an individual, a human being. If such a person is presented with the best nutrition, time and some good protection, then there are very possibilities that they would grow to become mature. Given the fact that there are some scientific names that have been used to give reference to abortion like termination, does not alter the open truth that it is just a murder-crushing of the humans with deliberate wickedness.

In fact, there is an alarm that abortion has even surpassed heart diseases and is now the leading cause of death within the United States of America. The 501,325 individuals who lost their lives due to abortion is a figure that is way ahead of its immediate partner, heart diseases which stands at 282,038 for 2015 alone. This is therefore a wakeup call that the involved stakeholders should heed unto in case they have a plan of curbing this menace that has brought our very society to its knees and threatening to wipe out an entire generation.

2. Abortion Leads To Psychological Effects

This is another major side effect of abortion to the women. Abortion has a possibility of causing the women involved to have a dire emotional effect. However, it is also of importance to note that it can lead to varying emotional effect on different women. There have reports that there are a number of women who have a sense of relief after conducting the act of abortion. However, the threat posed by the psychological, and emotional effect of abortion is immense and should not be overlooked in any case whatsoever. They have a wide range whereby, an individual can suffer from serious complications like the cases involving depressions and an acute mild regret.

a) Depression After Abortion

Making the decision of carrying out an abortion has high possibilities of causing serious depressions for an individual who has been faced with the reality of having an unplanned pregnancy. It is very natural for an individual to have the feeling of being apprehensive concerning the decision that one takes to be subjected to an abortion. This is because of the fact that abortion is a situation that can be a decision that is very life changing and hence has high possibilities of leading to serious side effects in the life of the concerned for an untold period of time. The first case is when you find the women who have indulged in an abortion being sad in the case when they have the vision of a baby, it can lead to nightmares concerning the baby that the individual aborted, having a jealous feelings when one sees a friend or a family member who is pregnant, finally, it can lead to the concerned individual suffering from guilt, from shame and from being so much isolated. All these signs are related to the fact that when an individual is pregnant, he or she often has to undergo a whole lot of changes to their hormonal structure. It is the very hormonal changes that also leads to one becoming so much isolated, being ashamed and feeling a sense of guilt towards themselves, this is the major leading source of depression in the women who have aborted.

There are thousands of risk factors that have the possibility of making a woman to experience depression after she has indulged in an abortion exercise. This cane lead to one experiencing anxiety, stress in their life and most notably, the act of continuing with their daily chores in a normal way. All these just trikes to make the argument I have against abortion.

b) The Psychological Effect Of Magical Regret

Thousands of women who indulge in abortion always dont have the reality check of the negative effects of abortion to their lives. Not majority of the women try to figure out the worst nature of carrying out an abortion and the guilt that and immense regret and sadness that presides abortion. A good number of the women who engage in abortion is always as a result of the convincing nature of the fact that it is always the best option that they have at hand and hence it is always the right thing to do. They are always convinced to appoint where they hold the belief that in case they dont carry out an abortion, then their lives would be in tatters. It is never until after everything has been done that the actual weight of the act which they have indulged in of trying to save their own lives by prematurely ending the life of their unborn child endures down on their souls.

To commence with, majority of the reason that are always given for the sake of carrying out an abortion are always vague and hence should never be accepted by any normal human being. The act always ends up to an individual suffering from regrets that in most cases can be very immediate. Majority of the women who have always opted for the act have always found themselves casualties of so much regrets in their lives that follows. The emotional wreck can even last for a whole lifetime if an individual does not seek proper assistance from the specialists in guidance and counselling. I therefore just have a single plea to the women who are anticipating of having an abortion. The most important thing that they should do is to try to get the advice of the women who have been in one way or the other subjected to an abortion. For what will it profit an individual to suffer the whole of her life just because of an occurrence that she should have avoided in the first place?

3. Medical And Physical Complications In Later Life

There are several medical and physical complications of abortion. There are thousands of women who have been subjected to induced abortion who are currently suffering from instantaneous hitches. There are more than one hundred of complications that can potentially affect the lives of women who have undergone prompted abortion. The induced abortion can lead to woman suffering from fevers, vomiting, bleeding and from abdominal pain, just to mention a few. However, there are more serious consequences of abortion that the women who have undergone an abortion always have to cope with. They include; convulsions, cervical, I jury, excessive bleeding, shock of endotoxin and hemorrhage, just to mention a few. Although researchers have argued that there is a treatment for the complications of abortions that are immediate, there are always very high possibilities that these complications can lead to reproduction damage that is long-term, a factor which is more serious. For instance, the researchers have proved that there are high chances that abortion can lead to sterility, a major health concern for the women. The following are some of the risks that has been widely associated with abortion.

The first one is the infection of the Pelvis. This occurs when there are some germs which have originated from cervix getting into the uterus hence causing infection. The second major health concern is the clotting of blood in the uterus. These clots always leads to immense pain hence making the affected individual to be very uncomfortable. There have also been some reports on the cervix being torn. This is during the procedure of abortion when the medical practitioners opens the uterus to get access the fetus. Finally, there has been a lot of complications that have been related to the anesthesia that is used in the abortion process. The medical and physical effects of abortion are also some of the major reasons as to why I strongly oppose the act of abortion.


There are a host of counterarguments that have been put across with the aim of diluting the danger the dangers that are posed by abortion. Then first one is the fact that abortion is an act of self-defense and hence there is nothing wrong with the ideology of allowing the women to participate in it in any way. There are numerous instances where the women should be given the green light to carry out an abortion because of the defense they should take against the danger that an unplanned pregnancy has to their physical health or their mental wellbeing. This is an instance where the womans life might be in jeopardy. The United States laws gives an allowance for any individual to defend themselves in case they have the feeling that their lives have been threatened in any way whatsoever. The defense is permitted to take place even in the instance when the perpetrator of the danger is just but an innocent individual, one who has complete ignorance of the fact that they posing any danger or may not have any responsibility of the danger which they are causing. Hence, if an embryo acts in a manner which endangers the life of his/her mother, then there is no excuse but to do away with it. Death is also permitted by law in case the affected person has any severe threat of being harmed in any way, even if it does not actually lead to death. Hence this contradicts the initial observation that abortion deliberately leads to death. There are scholars who have argued that depression after abortion is never connected with the act of abortion itself but by as a result of the grief that an individual always subjects herself after an abortion. To them, there is no immediate danger that abortion poses and hence they see no offense in having it carried out. They also hold to the fact that if only an individual candela with the grief that they find themselves in, nobody can ever realize the occurrence of abortion to them.

 There are also some researchers who had to the argument that when an abortion is legally carried out, then there are numerous pros like economic, medical and social ones that can be felt by the concerned individuals. The first one is the fact that it is very fundamental in the assistance of the shotgun marriages. This were common occurrences before the case of Roe v, Wade of 1973. Prior to the case, there were numerous instances of unsafe abortions or even forced marriages just before the child is born. It has also led to the reduction of out-of-wedlock childbirths. Justification of legal abortion was intensely associated with a reduction in out-of-wedlock deliveries through America.

In conclusion, the danger that abortion positions to our young and beautiful women is a fact that cannot be disregarded in any case at all, therefore, I embrace a strong belief against abortion. It is an act that should by no means, be allowed to thrive within the boundaries of any society. I now kindly invite you to join me as I navigate through the facts that hold and the reason as to why I hold a strong feeling that abortion should be prohibited.

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