Should A Woman Get an Abortion for Any Reason – Term Paper


While the subject of abortion has been a topic of the public and policy makers debates in the US, a comprehension of the reasons for women seeking an abortion has been widely missed from the proper discussion. The topic of abortion has faced various critics from social, political and economic level. Different women take abortion for various reasons, though this being considered as a social evil and should be condemned by every person in the society. The religious leaders, as well as the policy makers, have their antagonistic suggestion which clearly does not match. It is important to look at the level of this matter since the rate of abortion has been the increase in the past few decades, and it has also affected most of the teen girls.


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Once pregnant a person can decide either to abort the child, put up the child for adoption or decides to parent the child. Abortion is a medical procedure used to terminate a pregnancy before the fetus is viable (Giubilini & Minerva, 2012). It can also be viewed as when a pregnancy is terminated so that it does not result in the birth of a child. In the United States, about 1.3 million women undergo abortions yearly in 1985 and 1987 a study was conducted on 500 women in Kansas who gave their various reasons for wanting to undergo an abortion. These reasons were the lack of adequate and sufficient financial resources, the absence of a spouse and unpreparedness of taking the responsibility of parenting.


Women are more likely to be torn apart from the question of abortion than men. The question of morality is possible to the biggest hold-back for women who would like to choose abortion.


Information for this review was drawn from standard quantitative and subjective information from the Turn Away Study, a progressing, five-year, longitudinal analysis assessing the health as well as social-economic results of getting or being denied abortion in the US. The review has perused women for over two consecutive years; it depends on the pattern information which was gathered from 2013 through the end of 2014. This sample comprised of 953 women from 30 premature birth amenities over the US who acted on two open questions on their motives of terminating their pregnancy a week after seeking the abortion.


Reasons given by women for seeking the abortion were categorized into 11 broad subjects. The overwhelming topics recognized as purposes behind looking for premature birth included monetary reasons (40%), timing (35%), couples associated ideas as well as the essence of focusing on the rest of the children (29%). Most ladies reported various purposes behind looking for a premature birth traverse a few subjects (64%). Utilizing blended impacts multivariate strategic relapse examinations, we distinguished the social and statistic indicators of the standard topics ladies gave for looking for a fetus removal.


Findings from the study show that the reason behind women seeking abortion are mind boggling and interrelated, like those found in past reviews. Whereas a few ladies expressed just a single variable that added to their craving to end their pregnancies, others indicated a horde of components that, in total, brought about their looking for fetus removal. As showed by the distinctions we saw among ladies’ reasons by individual qualities; women look for abortion for reasons identified with their conditions together with their age, financial status, parity, health, and marital status. It is vital that policymakers should take into account women’s enthusiasms for considering to do an abortion, as choices to support or contradict such enactment could affect their life, social-economic results as well as the life directions of ladies confronting unwanted pregnancies.

Reasons for Abortion

The main reasons why a pregnant woman may choose to undergo an abortion can be financial instability, for example, the woman might still be in school or is employed earning only enough money that can sustain her and her lifestyle (Giubilini, & Minerva, 2012). It may be quite difficult to handle the high costs of a pregnancy these costs can increase if the pregnant woman has no health insurance. Studies and research conducted by Angela White a breastfeeding counselor revealed that the expense of an average hospital birth for pregnant women is approximate $8,000 and prenatal care provided by a doctor can cost about $1,500 and $3,000. This figures plus the cost of raising and schooling a child makes one think twice before deciding to parent a child especially if you are someone without adequate finances (White, 2009).

Some women who get pregnant at a young age and are unmarried fear how their parent and the society mainly their peers will perceive them and eventually choose to undergo the abortion procedure. A pregnant woman with birth defects in the family may decide to undergo an abortion to avoid passing on the defect to the unborn child. Amniocentesis is a method of detecting a variety of chromosome abnormalities, genetic disorders, and neural tube defects. This method has an accuracy of 99.4%. This procedure is performed between 14 and 20 weeks; it can be helpful to couples in deciding if the pregnancy should be terminated in cases of defect (Giubilini, & Minerva, 2012). 

Medical reasons cause about 6% of all annual abortions for example in a case where a woman may have multiple pregnancy or quintuplets most, or all the fetuses will develop various long-term health problems. In this case, the doctor may recommend a selective reduction, these is where one or more fetuses are killed in so that the other fetuses can survive can be born normal (Carlson, Eisenstat & Ziporyn, 2004). In about 10,000 to 15000 abortions, 1% was undergone because the pregnancy may have come about as a result of rape and the woman may not want to birth a child who was conceived in violence.