Being a Member of a Family Presents Numerous Challenges – Term Paper


Hook In the human society, a family is a group of persons conglomerated through consanguinity, affinity – through marriage or co-residence. Having a good family is an important part of living as it provides persons with moral, social and financial support among others. 

Directions of Argument Today, balancing between work and family has become an immense challenge among numerous families. Due to the increased economic challenges in today’s society, most parents are mandated to work for long hours to achieve their financial objectives. 

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Thesis Statement This essay is a discussion of why being a member of a family presents numerous challenges today due to the increased need to work for long hours to satisfy the family day-to-day financial demands. 

Argument 1#: Topic Sentence The escalating cost of essential services such as education and healthcare services in U.S. has increased significantly over the last decade. 

Point 1: This has resulted to numerous couples working in different jobs for long hours in an effort to afford such amenities for their families. 

Proof: According to the United States Bureau of Statistics, in numerous married couple relations, both spouses work (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2002). In 2000, approximately 53.2 percent of married spouses were employed (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2002). 

Explanation As a result, most couples find it a challenge to balance between their demanding professions and their families. 

Point 2: Today, the roles of men and women in the American society has reversed. 

Proof: According to an article published in the New York Times, 4 in every 10 households with children under 18 includes a mother who is either the primary or the sole breadwinner in the homestead (Rampbell, 2013). 

Explanation This is because unlike in the past, more women today have taken up various roles in the society that were previously reserved for men. Such roles include leadership positions, formal employments, army and management positions among others. In reference to such jobs, some of the professions that women engage in can be very demanding. For instance, a soldier woman can go for months without being in a position to see her family. 

Point 3: The evolution of organized childcare managed support services for working mothers in the U.S. has also hampered the ability of persons to be with their families. 

Proof: In the U.S., one-third of all children belonging to employed mothers attain managed care services in organized facilities like the day care centers (CHUSA, 2014).  

Explanation For this reason, a significant number of parents prefer to leave their young children in managed care centers and then use their time to perform other economic functions. In most cases, such functions entail working for long hours to earn some income. 


Restatement of Thesis Today, being a member of the family has become a big challenge to most parents due to the need to work for long hours so as to satisfy the family day-to-day financial demands.

Direction of Arguments #1). The need to work for long hours has been facilitated by the increased costs of essential services such as education and healthcare services in the nation. 

#2). The role of women in the American society has also changed and today, a large proportion of women are working for long hours in professions that were previously reserved for the men. 

#3). The emergence of management childcare services has enabled women to work for long hours in the fields of career. 

Final Thought It is evident that most persons in the American society find it a challenge to be with their families. This is because most of them work for long hours in an effort to fulfill the financial obligations for their family members. Nevertheless, it is important for every person to be part of a family unit. This is because it aids in their successful growth as well as development. 


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