Acid Rain Term Paper

Paper on Acid Rain:

Acid rain is the form of precipitation (rain, snow, mist, fog, etc) during which their pH is reduced, because of the high concentration of the pollutants like sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. The term of acid rains was introduced in the end of the 19th century when the industrial development of the human civilization showed its first negative impact in the form of the harmful acid rains. Acid rains are not only harmful for people, but also cause negative impact on the natural environment destroying crops, forests, damaging buildings and monuments and polluting water and soil. Acid rains are caused by the human activity, especially industry and transport. Plants, factories, power stations, cars, planes, ships throw out millions of tons of pollutants which contaminate the atmosphere and as a result the precipitation is also contaminated. Acid rains cause ecological and economical inconveniences, because they damage buildings and monuments which cost much money to renovate and destroy vast fields of crops depriving people and animals from food.

The impact of acid rains on the natural environment is far more tragic. Under the effect of the pollutants the water in the lakes gets contaminated and destroys the ecosystem of the lake gradually if the acid rains are frequent there. It destroys plants, fish, small animals and microorganisms which live in the lake. Naturally, the toxic elements which can be found in the water and fish consumed by people are harmful for the human health. The frequency of acid rains depends on the area; it is obvious that the atmosphere of big cities and industrial districts is more likely to get contaminated and cause acid rains.

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The topic of acid rains is extremely important and interesting, because their frequency increases with rapid terms. A student who is going to research the topic should explain the meaning and the origin of acid rains in order to demonstrate the cause and effect of the problem underlining the importance of the protection of the environment. One is expected to analyze the problem professionally and focus on the negative impact of acid rains on the nature and human health and activity. It is important to brainstorm effective methods to prevent and reduce the frequency of acid rains and demonstrate knowledge on the topic.

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