Admission – Term Paper

My motivation for pursuing an MBA program at the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School is to gain a solid foundation in business management and finance as the basis for my future career in entrepreneurship. Before settling on Oxford Saïd, I had difficult time choosing the best college for my MBA program. My desire was to enroll in a school that offers internationally focused programs, especially in emerging global challenges such as resource scarcity and population growth. Fortunately, I found that Oxford Saïd offers integrated modules matching every aspect of my career ambitions. The school’s mission is to ;create a World Class Business School Community, embedded within a World Class University, tackling world scale challenges;. This mission resonates positively with my desire to develop innovative entrepreneurial solutions for many challenges mankind faces in the modern world.

The fact that Oxford Sa;d;s programs are widely acknowledged all over the world heightens my desire to be part of its progressive community of learners and researchers. Sa;d Business School is well-known for its excellent resources and facilities as well as dedicated staff. Moreover, Oxford Sa;d market-oriented programs based on the problem-solving approach makes the school stands out as a forward-thinking institution. The school offers extensive training on complex programs in the important areas such as global citizenship and responsible leadership. This means the institution is focused on creating great minds that promote sustainability in the world.;

In accordance with Oxford Sa;d Business School;s goal of developing thinkers, I am determined to succeed in my studies when I join college. I have done research to determine what it takes to successfully pursue an MBA program at Oxford Said Business School. I have also had an opportunity to work with leading multinational organizations in my home country such as Garage de l;Esperance and Schlumberger. I have also done entrepreneur adventure with the Young African Leadership Initiative. Through my previous work programs, I have gained valuable knowledge and skills, especially in the areas of entrepreneurship and finance. It was also a good chance for me to gain hands-on experience working with some of the greatest business minds in the world. I believe that the skills I gained will be crucial to my studies when I join Sa;d Business School.

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I am confident that an Oxford MBA program is the best choice for my career aspirations. The college has a reputation for admitting students from all parts of the world. In addition, the university programs are market-oriented with a great emphasis on collaboration and teamwork. Thus, studying at Oxford Sa;d will be an important opportunity for me to interact with students from diverse cultural backgrounds. This will help me to understand and appreciate cultural differences and gain diverse points of view on how to deal with various world problems. Upon graduation from Sa;d Business School, I intend to get a job in a leading corporation and get more experience in business management. Later, I will start my own business aiming to offer solutions based on sustainable business practices.