Aeneid Term Paper

Term Paper:

Aeneid is an epic poem, written in Latin by Virgil. The poem was written approximately between the 29 and 19 BC and describes the life of Aeneas, the legendary Trojan hero, who escaped from Troy and moved to the Italian Peninsula with his people and united with the Latins and founded a city there. Aeneas is considered to be the ancestor of the Romans, so he is highly praised in the poem.

The poem presents the fall of Troy and describes the famous trick of Trojan Horse which became a synonym of the hidden threat. Aeneas tried to protect Troy from the enemies, but understood that it was impossible and escaped from the city with the certain part of his people due to the advice of the best Trojan Prince Hector. In his twelve books Virgil describes the life Aeneas, his deeds and adventures. It is obvious that the author did not pay attention to the historical events which really took place at that time.

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The only historical fact mentioned in the book was the fall of Troy. The rest of the text is considered to be the simple set of the epic events, aimed to fascinate the reader and a kind of propaganda of the Julio-Claudian dynasty, the representatives of which are believed to be the direct descendants of Aeneas. Naturally, Virgil could not compose such a great poem without the previous achievements of the literature of the ancient world, so he imitates Homer’s Odyssey in his first six books and Iliad in the following books.

Aeneid is one of the best examples of the literature of the ancient world and it is surely worth attention. When the student wants to complete a good term paper on Aeneid, he will need to read the poem attentively and focus on its main problems. The student is expected to present a brief plot of the poem, dwell on the historical background of Aeneid and analyze the characters of the book and define their role in the poem. One should evaluate the importance of Aeneid for the Roman and the modern literature and provide the evidence which support his point of view.

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