What Is The Advantage Of Internet – Term Paper

Disadvantages and advantages of internet essay

The internet, often referred to as mans greatest invention, describes a computer network that connects people from different places across the globe and facilitates the transfer of information from one point to another via set protocols. The internet has primarily enabled communication and information dissemination resulting into significant Knowledge and developments not only at individual levels but also internationally. 

The internet is a source of knowledge and learning. The connectivity enabled by the internet has greatly facilitated the transfer and sharing of knowledge from various sources such as learning institutions and research center to the learners across the globe in need of the information, thereby making essential information and knowledge accessible to everyone accessing the internet. Similarly, the internet has been a medium of communication. Relying on the connectivity offered by the global network of computers people from different places across the globe can communicate to social groups, friends, and family from great distances without any significant effort of getting to their locations. Additionally, through the internet communication has bee fasten substantially unlike the ancient or older time whereby communication was based on written texts and took a lot of time to get from the sender to the receiver on the other side f the work. With the concept of communication, the global network of computers has enabled socialization between people across a broad race of differences such as tribes, races, and backgrounds following the fact that by a simple click of a mouse button people have the ability access share and connect to important information. The internet is the backbone of modern communication, and through it, many daily operations stand significantly. Modern business operations, development projects and information exchange greatly rely on the internet based on the inevitable fact that the global network is fast and reliable about time. Through the internet, occasional activities such as shopping, banking operation, and billing activities have been made easier thereby making daily business operations faster and reliable. The Internet has the purchase of goods and services from one side of the globe possible in the other side without the effort of getting to the actual location of purchase. The internet has also facilitated the concept of commerce by incorporating an electronic medium to make the entire process faster, secure and reliable. E-Commerce, therefore, relies on the internet in the activities of buying and selling of services and goods across the globe. Cooperation in many cases has been the bonding factor between two or more people who have made up to work together towards a common goal. However, without the internet goals and results of cooperation might not have been realised on a global scale since different people and associations based on different places on the globe need to agree and work together to archive great results. The internet has therefore aided cooperation and unity of not only individual people but also nations and continents on activities of trade and information sharing.   

Generally, the internet has changed the course of the world in terms of development, entertainment and communication. Information dissemination has also been made possible by the aid of computer networks across the globe.

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