Analysis of the Road Not Taken – Term Paper

Analysis of Robert Frost the Road Not Taken

The Road not Taken is one of the famous poems of Robert Frost. The setting of the poem is in the forest. Robert Frost has to make a decision on which path he will follow. Before taking the path, Frost does not know how each path looks, but at last, he decides to choose the less traveled path (Frost 33).  The poem has a deep meaning which makes which enriches readers’ decision making.

Robert Frost wanted to illustrate the importance of choice in our lives.  As he indicates, in our day lives, we have to make decisions pertaining two options, which he illustrates through the two paths. Frost further demonstrates that decisions we make have consequences in our future life thus why we have to evaluate the outcome of a decision just like he evaluated the path to follow (Frost 33).  As a result, the path the Frost took changed his life.

Frost demonstrates that choices are influenced by dreams, hopes and plans. Before choosing the path, the narrator had a dream that he will have a better life. In addition, Frost had the hope that the path that he will choose will influence his life positively. As a result, his life changed after the choice (Frost 33).

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Poetry Analysis of the Road Not Taken

Individualism is another deep meaning that the poet emphasizes. The narrator chose “the road less traveled.” In this case, Frost emphasizes the importance of making individual decisions. Taking individual decisions will make one explore the world thus finding good opportunities just as the narrator did because many people have not explored resources in those places. On the other hand, Frost emphasizes the importance of courage when taking decisions. The road he chooses was unfamiliar; therefore the poet was ready to overcome challenges in this path. In this scenario, the author demonstrates that though one may face difficulties after choosing unique decisions, it will yields fruits in the future (Frost 33).  Frost is also against popular decision making. An example of popular decisions making, in this poem, is the path which is used by many people. As the poet demonstrates, the path is torn out due to the high number of users.

The narrator wants to demonstrate the significance of nature and how it influences people lives. The poet indicates that man and the natural world are inseparable and they influences decisions which people make. In this scenario, if people choose to live in a hostile environment, they will make poor choices. On the other hand, if they dwell in a good environment just like Frost they would end up making the right choice. Frost further demonstrates that engaging nature will have a variety of results. At first, it leads to self-knowledge, for instance, while people are at forest alone, they will recognize their strengths and weakness. In addition, it leads to deeper understanding of human conditions. Lastly, after interacting with nature as it was the case of the narrator, one becomes knowledgeable, for example, through exploration (Frost 33).

The Road Not Taken Analysis

The poem emphasizes the importance of commitment when making decisions. In this case, Frost emphasizes that people should abide by the decision they have made. According to the author, if one binds to the decision one makes, they will yield good results in the future. (Frost 33).  Being indecisiveness, in this case, will make one make the wrong decision, for instance, one will not be able to evaluate consequences of a choice.

The other meaning of the poem is that one cannot tell what lies ahead before making decisions. As it was the case of the narrator, he could not know what lies ahead in the path he chooses. In this case, people should be aggressive, for example trying new things which will improve the world, for example, people may discover solutions to the current problems people are facing globally (Frost 33).  Therefore, before people takes choices, they cannot know the outcome.

To sum it up, the poem has several hidden meanings. At first, the poem shows the importance of choices. According to the poet, choices are significant because they influence our future lives. Also dreams, hopes and plans determine our choices, for example, if people have good hopes, they will end up making right choices. Individualism is another theme the poet emphasizes, for example, if people makes a decision without being influenced by others, they will end up with the right decisions. Nature is also importance according to the author, for example, it makes one be knowledgeable and understand human conditions. Also in should be committed to the decisions they make. Lastly, one cannot know what lies ahead before making decisions.

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