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All The President’s Men – An Argumentative Essay

“All President’s Men” discusses the high cases of corruption in the government of American and unearths the rot in the American government. This is evident when two journalists, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, engage in the investigation of the Watergate scandal on behalf of The Washington Post. In this manner, the corruption that they reveal in the American government of the time leads to the resignation of President Nixon as the allegation greatly touch on him and his government (Woodward & Bernstein, 2012). Examination of the movie reveals that there is deep rooted corruption in America despite the lies the policies that it promoted about zero tolerance to corruption.

Despite the high profile public relations of the American government on zero tolerance to corruption, evidence proves that there is ingrained corruption revolving around the president. This scandal is revelation from the fact that the five burglars that attacked the Watergate are connected to the thousands of dollars that were diverted to the campaign contributions for the purpose of re-election of President Nixon. This proves the fact that the president had been stealing money from the government to and using such for his campaigns. Through the use of Deep Throat, the two journalists find credible evidence to help them prove the fact that there is a wide ring of corruption cases in President Nixon’s leadership and also reveal that the president had been using the funds to sabotage the Democratic presidential candidates through a ‘ratfucking’ campaign one year before the Watergate attack took place. “And to the man who would preside at such an impeachment trial -the Chief Justice of the United States, Warren Burger.” At this time, President Nixon was behind Edmund Muskie in the polls (Woodward & Bernstein, 2012). In this manner, the authors report that the burglary was to help in hiding the ‘covert operations’ that was also connected to the United States intelligence community.  

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