Watergate Term Paper

Term Paper:

Watergate is the name of the political scandal which occurred in the USA in 1972 – 1974 and finished with the resignation of President Richard Nixon. It is the first and the last case in the history of the USA when the president resigned his post. The Watergate scandal started on June 17, 1972 (four months before the elections of the president) in the hotel Watergate, where the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee were located. The five men were detected and arrested because they intruded into the hotel and tried to set the wiretapping appliances which could listen to the conversations of the representatives of the democrats. The connection of Nixon’s administration to this accident has not been proved yet, but it was the first sign that his policy was unfair. He really possessed the records of the conversations of the democrats, but they were recorded before the scandal.

The fact which played against Nixon is that he refused to present the recorded information publicly and it damaged his reputation. Furthermore, when the records were listened to, the general public learnt that Nixon tried to use the forces of FBI and CIA in order to prevent the investigation of the case related with the Watergate. After these words Nixon remained without his supporters and the impeachment was inevitable, because the general public understood that the President tried to prevent the investigation for the personal benefit and for the sake of his party. Realizing that his career is over, Nixon decided to resign presidency in 1974.

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The Watergate scandal is the bright example of the fact, that the illegal actions of the most powerful person of the country can not remain without the serious consequences. With the help of the mass media and lawful police the case was investigated successfully and the guilty were punished. A successful term paper on Watergate is supposed to explain the topic in detail and define its importance for the political life of the USA and the whole world, because after the Watergate scandal the ending ‘date’ became to be used in different political scandals which lead to the resignation of the politicians. The student should analyze the problem from all sides, conclude the paper and define the relevance of the problem properly.

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