Term Paper on Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson term paper:

Thomas Jefferson is the outstanding personality who took the active place in the American Revolutionary War and one of the authors of the Declaration of Independence, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, the third President of the United States, an outstanding politician and philosopher of Enlightenment.

Thomas Jefferson was born in the famous family and received good education. Being a school student he learnt Latin, Ancient Greek and French languages and it was a standard for the intelligent person of those times. Jefferson was an outstanding lawyer and it helped him to gain success and understand the events of his current time objectively. Of course, Thomas Jefferson strived to make the US independent from the UK and he supported the War for Independence actively. He was one of the authors of the Declaration of Independence being the head of the committee which worked out the theses of the document.

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Being well-educated person Thomas Jefferson was highly respected by his circle of close people and he was even asked to write the declaration himself. Jefferson had a rich collection of books from all over the world and his private home library became the basis of the Library of Congress. In addition, he founded the University of Virginia and wrote its first program. Jefferson was also the Governor of Virginia, Vice-President of the USA and the third President of the country. The knowledge and intelligence of Jefferson can not be overestimated, because in spite of the political activity he was an excellent scientist (agronomist, palaeontologist, architect, archaeologist), inventor and writer. He is also known to be the author of the doctrine of the separation of the church from the state reducing the role of the church on the political activity of the country.

It is obvious that Thomas Jefferson is one of the most outstanding personalities of the US and one of the best its presidents. Every student is supposed to know about him a lot and a term paper should contain biographical facts about the life of Jefferson, the most important events of his life which influenced his worldview and activity, his contributions into the life of the country, the role of the President in the development and birth of the USA. The student should analyze the facts objectively to evaluate the life of Jefferson from all sides.

It is not an easy task to analyze the life of an outstanding personality, so the internet and its advice can be quite valuable for everyone. The student is able to look through a free example term paper on Thomas Jefferson and see how to compose the text and research the problem correctly. A good free sample term paper on Thomas Jefferson is a good answer to the questions on formatting, structure, methodology and organization of the paper.