Frederick Douglass Term Paper

Paper on Frederick Douglass:

Frederick Douglass (Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey) is the American writer, orator, editor and reformer. He is also known for being an abolitionist due to his social activity and struggle for the abolition of slavery and support of the African-American people suffering from the negative attitude at that time. He was the major figure of the abolitionist movement and his name is known all over the world. Frederick Douglass was born as a slave but approximately at the age of twenty escaped from slavery and started his abolitionist activity joining the societies who shared his point of view.

Douglass published the famous newspaper “The North Star” which brought to the readers the leading ideas of the abolitionist movement and the problems of slavery and the issues related which it. During the Civil War Douglass demanded to free all the slaves and took the active part in the creation of the military groups which consisted of African-Americans.

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In 1845 he wrote his “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave”, where he described his life in slavery, the difficulties and fears which he saw, and the book became a bestseller at once. Of course, the activity of Frederick Douglass was noticed in the country and he was the leader of the movements related with the equality of US people. He struggled not only for the rights of African Americans but also for the gender equality and it provided him with the popularity among the US women. Douglass called Lincoln the greatest President of the USA in his autobiography “The Life & Times of Frederick Douglass”. Nowadays, Douglass is the symbol of freedom and he is supposed to be one of the most influential personalities who have influenced the social life of the US.

Frederick Douglass is the famous personality in the US abolitionism movement. The student who has decided to prepare a good term paper about the reformer should study his biography and dwell on his political, social and literal activity. It is a plus if the student demonstrates knowledge in the contribution of Douglass into the life of the US society and the condition of the human rights in the country. One should evaluate the activity of the personality professionally and define his role in the freedom of the African-American people.

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