Term Paper on Gandhi

Term Paper:

Mohandas Gandhi was one of the most well-known leaders of the national liberation movement in India. His philosophy of non-violence influenced the national and international movements for the improvement of life and for the struggle against dictatorship and inequality. Gandhi was born in India and received higher education in London, where he learnt perfect English and French. He spent much time studying the western culture, its pluses and minuses, read sacred books and tried to find the connection between all the religions in the world in order to unite people and solve the problem of war once for all. He had his own philosophy which was based in the reindustrialization of the human civilization, because only natural environment can be called the real absolute truth. Gandhi believed that the humanity does not require the central government, because people can live in the small societies helping one another. Aside from the peaceful philosophy of Gandhi, he is known to be the “father of the nation” for every Indian.

After World War I Gandhi started struggling for the independence of India from the British imperialistic influence. Naturally, he was imprisoned for his activity but he never gave up and the people of his country supported him and finally gained their independence. Gandhi, probably the most peaceful leader in the world was murdered by the group of the opponents against the influence and authority of Gandhi. Even after his death Gandhi is still in the hearts of the whole civilized world, because his activity influenced numerous national liberation movements and movements against racial, ethnic, religious and gender inequality.

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Mohandas Gandhi is probably the most famous personality in India, because he has made a great contribution into the independence of his country from the life of a colony. Everyone is supposed to know at least something about the life and philosophy of Gandhi and the term paper about the personality will be the valuable experience for every student. One is supposed to pay attention to the brief biographic facts about Gandhi, but the core attention should be paid to his activity and his worldviews. The student is obliged to dwell on the Gandhi’s philosophy, religious views, his vision of the appropriate lifestyle, the strategy of nonviolence and the influence and contribution of Gandhi on the modern civilization.

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