Term Paper on Aristotle

Term Paper:

Aristotle is the world famous Greek philosopher, scholar and logician who provided Western civilization with the foundation of European philosophic thought. He is also known to be the founder of the traditional logic which exists till modern times. The philosopher can be also called a pedagogue, because he is famous for tutoring Alexander the Great, who created the biggest empire in ancient times. Aristotle lived when Greek culture reached its biggest development and flourishing, due to the expansion of Alexander the Great to East (India, Persia, Egypt, Middle Asia, etc), so the philosopher could broaden his knowledge and reveal and develop his intellectual potential. Aristotle was the one who decided to summarize the philosophic achievements of ancient Greece and present it to the next generations. Aristotle was a genius of his time and he observed issues from different fields of the human knowledge – biology, physics, ethics, logic, psychology and sociology.

Like all the outstanding philosophers of ancient times Aristotle did not use any formula and scientific experiments to understand the world around.

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He tried to explain all the phenomena from the point of view of logic; that is why he is called to represent rationalist trend of philosophy. As well as Plato, Aristotle became the foundation of the thought of Western World. The only fundamental difference between the philosophers and their thoughts is idealism of Plato and rationalism of Aristotle. All the further philosophers developed the ideas of the ancient philosophers relying on their texts. For example, the most famous texts of Aristotle are Metaphysics, Nicomachean Ethics, Poetics, etc.

Aristotle is one of the most famous and influential philosophers of all times, and the student has the chance to complete a detailed term paper about this great personality. The young person is supposed to read much literature about Aristotle and his ideas and achievements in order to realize the importance of the personality for the global philosophy. One can dwell on the explanation of the thoughts and concepts presented by Aristotle and illustrate his most famous works. The student is also able to compare Aristotle’s thoughts with the ideas of other ancient philosophers and evaluate his influence on the philosophy in the whole.

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