Nursing Philosophy Term Paper

Paper on Nursing Philosophy:

Nursing philosophy is the discipline and branch of philosophy which focuses on the appropriate behaviour and approach of the healthcare providers towards nursing. Evidently, nursing is quite a young occupation, because centuries ago no one cared about the correct style of nursing and the methods of care about the patient. Nursing as a separate healthcare activity originated during the period of wars (in one countries during World War 1, in other countries later or earlier), because the number of the injured soldiers was too high to help them without the additional help.

The philosophy of nursing is quite a complicated issue, because it touches upon ethics, aesthetics and morality. Naturally, nursing philosophy appeared during the time of the increase of the value of the human life and respect to the human being.

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It is obvious that from the point of view of morality nursing philosophy is the important issue, because it is aimed at the maintenance of the human life and psychological support of the patient who suffers from pain and requires care and aid. Nurses are not just the assistants of physicists but the advisors who support patients psychologically helping them to recover and treat their disease or injure positively. Nursing philosophy is a complicated issue and it is based on the principles of morality and ethics. Nowadays it is one of the subjects taught at various medical educational institutions which prepare nurses who are supposed to possess the general knowledge about the human diseases, injures, their treatment and the set of the behavioural and ethical norms which have to be followed during the process of treatment.

The student who is asked to compose a quality term paper about nursing philosophy should dwell on the major elements of the discipline focusing on the history and methodology of nursing philosophy, its main ideologists, its connections with other disciplines, etc. The student is expected to look through a range of the literary sources about nursing philosophy in order to learn about the problem something new. One has to observe the ideas and concepts of nursing philosophy suggested by the prominent philosophers in order to depict the whole image of the study. Finally, one will need to share the strong and the weak sides in the ideas of nursing philosophy and define its relevance.

The student will need to apply for the advice of the Internet if he wants to catch a few new facts on the organization of the text. It is reasonable to read a free nursing philosophy term paper example which demonstrates the alternative approach towards writing and formatting of the paper.

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