Accounting Ethics Term Paper

Paper on Accounting Ethics:

Accounting ethics is the branch of ethics which touches upon the issues of professional ethics in the field of accounting. Naturally, the issue has always been important, because accounting service is a specific sphere which requires responsibility, honesty and incorruptibility of its employees.

Accounting deals with finance of the chosen organization, so that the experienced accountant follows and controls the financial condition of the firm providing the employer with the valid information about the success of the company. Among other important duties of an accountant is to pay salary to employees on time and to influence the decision making process of the boss of the firm concerning the financial condition of the organization.

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An honest accountant is expected to share the reliable and up-to-date information about the finance with the boss to enable him to make the right decision. But there are cases when unfair accountants perform their job badly without caring about the condition of the firm and its employees.

Moreover, there are accountants who cause the leak of information from the firm and the information is received by the rival companies. As a result the firm is under the risk of bankrupting because of the corruptibility of the accountant. The history knows many cases when various companies cheated their clients, shareholders and banking organization with the help of the unfair accounting operations, for example, the famous Enron scandal illustrated how a big corporation can make money just due to the frauds in accounting. So, the primary task of accounting ethics is to make accountants do their work in the fair way.

Accounting ethics is an important branch of professional ethics which sets the rights and duties of every accountant for the improvement of his work. The student is able to compose a sensible and detailed term paper which will explain to the reader all the aspects and ideas of accounting ethics and its importance for the financial stability of the company. The student’s task is to dwell on the most obvious and core points related with accounting ethics and find all the connections between the different types of activity of the firm and the honesty of their work. Finally, one is able to enumerate a few cases of frauds in the field of accounting in order to illustrate the seriousness of its improper performance.

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