Term Paper on Ethics in the Workplace

Ethics in the Workplace Term Paper:

Ethics in the workplace is the policy of the adequate and tolerant attitude to all the employees of a company and maintenance of the healthy atmosphere which facilitates their work. The appropriate atmosphere in the workplace is the most important factor of the successful work of the company, because if the atmosphere is unfavourable, the productiveness is low and there are constant failures which are often made because of the impractical destructive competition in the staff. In order to avoid such negative things it is important to maintain the appropriate conditions of work and make the process of work meet the requirements of ethics. If everyone respects his colleagues and knows that he is responsible for the quality of the work, the success of the company is ensured. Unfortunately, there are many problems in the workplace which are connected with the lack of the right bringing up and prejudices. The most common types of the break of the ethical norms are abuse and disrespect. Employees are abused because of their racial and ethnic origin, religious views, sexual orientation, gender, age, etc.

If the employee is different from the others, there is a possibility that he will be disrespected and humiliated. There are cases that employees are abused not by the co-workers but by the employer, who uses his position in order to manage people, humiliate, exploit and fear them. Ethics in the workplace is not simply toleration, but the policy which unites people, trains their self-respect and respect towards other people, their strong and weak sides.

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Ethics in the workplace is an interesting topic for the research, because the student learns about the aspects of the ethical principles essential for the healthy atmosphere at work. In order to research the issue on ethics in the workplace one is asked to read about the problem much and understand what aspects and forms of ethics are required for the appropriate team and group work and the appropriate human resource management. The student is supposed to research a few examples of the real cases on ethics in the workplace, compare them and draw the right conclusions on the general topic defining the relevance of the problem now and its weak sides.

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Following the instructions of a free sample term paper on ethics in the workplace the student learns about the appropriate methodology and approach towards the research.