Term Paper on Ethics and Human Existence

and Human Existence Term Paper:

Ethics and human existence are the broad issues which influence the human life and touch upon the main questions of the human thought. The issue on ethics and human existence has its roots in philosophy, because these questions have been interesting for people for centuries. The people of the ancient civilizations (Ancient Greece) gave birth to philosophy and the beginning of the thoughts about the human existence, its purpose and its origin. Evidently, the human existence is closely connected with the traditions and culture of the ancient people. The ancient civilizations related the origin of human with religion. They believed that the human world was created by the certain gods who observe the human live and influence human decisions and behaviour. With the run of time the question on human existence has developed seriously and there are explanations of the human origin form the point of view of science and religion. Human existence is closely connected with ethics, because the human life is supposed to be carried out under the effect of the basic principles of ethics: respect, love, responsibility, etc.

People can not exist without the influence of the basic elements studied by ethics: the value of life, consciousness, activity, suffering, power, the freedom of will, prediction, ambitiousness, etc. The major virtues which are related with the human existence in the society are justice, wisdom, courage, self-control, love of neighbour, honesty and sincerity, loyalty and devotion, kindness and compassion, trust and faith, modesty, etc. Ethics does not only touch upon the human being herself, but also the broader issues of economics, healthcare, politics, ecology, etc.

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Ethics and human existence are the interconnected issues which can be observed by students in the form of an interesting and well-composed term paper. The student is able to focus on the explanation of ethics and the issue of the human existence from various points of view. After that one should search for the elements which unite and separate these two problems. One should explain how ethics and its major components influence the human existence and what philosophic trends touch upon these issues. The student has to observe the problem on the examples of the definite cases from the real life in order to make the term paper clear, captive and informative.

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