Term Paper on Ceramics

Term Paper:

Ceramics are the non-organic and non-metallic objects created under the effect of heating and cooling. Ceramic objects are created with the help of the heating of clay and mixing it with other minerals and oxides of these substances. Ceramics appeared in the neolithic period. Ceramics is an ancient craft which has always existed in the human society and the humanity has been using ceramic solids even nowadays. Thousands of years ago, ceramic urns and cups were the only objects which could contain liquids, especially water. That means that people managed to supply themselves with water and found the way of transporting it. Of course, not only water was kept in ceramic solids but also wine. Ancient Greece for example is often associated with ceramics and wine which was kept there, as well as the Roman Empire and other ancient civilizations.

The majority of the ancient examples of ceramics are treated like the masterpieces of art, because there were decorated with ornaments, animals, plants and symbols important for the ancient civilizations. No wonder these ceramic solids are nowadays priceless and kept in private collections and museums.

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Although ceramics is understood like an ancient craft, it is still widely used in everyday life, for example, the majority of cups, plates and pots are the ceramic objects which serve during the meal time. Due to the intensive scientific discoveries ceramics has been developed and improved seriously.

There are many kinds of solutes, minerals and substances which are added into the clay for the improvement of the quality of the object and its longer life.

Ceramics is the ancient craft which has influenced the human everyday life in the positive way and the student is able to devote enough time to the issue in order to observe it from all sides. The student’s duty is to explain the term of ceramics, present the main types of ceramics, dwell on the materials used in this craft, pay attention to the history of the craft and think about the influence of ceramics on the ancient world and especially culture. It is important to research the modern condition of ceramics and enumerate and observe the materials used for the craft and its use in everyday life.

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