Term Paper on Ancient Egypt

Egypt Term Paper:

Ancient Egypt is one of the oldest countries on Earth and it is supposed to be the cradle of the Mediterranean civilization. The country appeared approximately in 3100 BC and survived several thousand years, what happens rarely in the human history. The country existed along the banks on the Nile River, the longest river in Africa. Due to the peculiarities of the climate and the geographical position (and location of the banks of Nile and its floods) the lands in Egypt are supposed to be the best in the world and people picked crops several times per year. This factor influenced the rapid development of the country. Ancient Egypt is a unique civilization which invented such important disciplines as astronomy, mathematics, geometry, etc, so the contribution of its people can not be overestimated.

On the head of the state was pharaoh – the ruler who had unlimited powers and rights and was supposed to be the son and representative of gods on Earth.

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Ancient Egypt is known for its religion and pyramids. The pyramids are supposed to be among the greatest wonders on the planet and they are still visited by thousands of tourists annually. Egyptian religion was based on the enormous pantheon of gods of all kinds. Their variety was so high, that probably every human craft and profession was patronized by the definite god. Egyptians believed in the life after death and they paid much attention to this issue; for example, the well known pyramids served as the graves for pharaohs. Moreover, Ancient Egypt is famous for its remarkable architecture and beautiful style of writing – hieroglyphs.

Ancient Egypt is one of the oldest civilizations on the planet and probably everyone knows at least something about the history of the country and its contribution into the human knowledge. The student is expected to observe the problem from all sides dwelling on the history of the state, its dynasties, its achievements and failures, religion, culture, art, language, international relations, etc.

One is able to focus of several most interesting points, because it is impossible to say everything about Egypt in a few words. The young person has to observe the influence of the country on the political map of the world in the objective way demonstrating its importance for the development of the further European and Asian civilizations.

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