Juvenile Delinquency Term Paper

Paper on Juvenile Delinquency:

Juvenile delinquency is the law system and the complex of institutions which analyze and carry out law enforcement towards the young people who have committed a crime. It is natural that the issue of juvenile delinquency has appeared not so long ago and centuries ago teenagers and children who committed crimes were punished in the same way as grownups were. The problem of the youth crime is extremely relevant nowadays and young people are noticed to commit all sorts of crime from vandalism to murdering. There are many factors which cause the problem of youth crime and give job to the institutions of juvenile delinquency. First of all, it is the impropriate style of bringing up and family problems. The teenager is stressed, angry and wants to escape from the reality of his family, where he is abused or where there are problems with alcohol and drugs. Moreover, if the teenager is neglected at class, he decides to make friends with the “cool” guys in the street and joins street gangs which commit various crimes and with the help of these actions the young person tries to win respect.

It is interesting that the problem of juvenile delinquency touches upon the young men more than upon the young women, because it is obvious that young men are angrier, they possess physical strength and many of them want to demonstrate this strength and release their energy on practice.

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The problem of juvenile delinquency is solved in different ways. Most often young people are punished in the less strict way than the grownups are and the majority of their punishments are equal to the parent’s fines, because people are responsible for their children.

Juvenile delinquency is the interesting and useful topic for the research, because the student receives the chance to observe the roots of juvenile crimes, their effects and the methods of their defeat. It is important to dwell on the factors which influence youth crimes, the risk factors which can make the young person commit a crime and the types of punishments which wait for the person for different types of crime.

Moreover, it is wise to compare the juvenile delinquency system of the US with the systems of other countries and define what systems are effective.

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