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This free essay Pro Euthanasia. If you do not find your term paper, you can search our essay database for other topics on the search page essays. Tutor: Antonio 03 June 2010 Tags: words: 700 | pages: 3 Views: 71 Printable Version Most people want to live their life with dignity and die with dignity. People make important choices and decisions through out their Life_ Some of these decisions are very difficult and even life changing. We live in a democratic society where we are free to make these decisions.

Death is an unavoidable event and happens to everyone. Death can be quick or it can make our love ones suffer miserably. Some people become very ill or have devastating physical problems they must deal with daily. They have a constitutional right to refuse treatment. Most patients trust In their doctor to help them deal with their Illness. As their suffering Increases, their self- respect decreases. A person should have the freedom to end their life If they are mentally capable and tired of suffering everyday. A patient should be allowed to end their life with dignity.

Euthanasia is the practice of mercifully ending a fife in order to free someone from a deadly disease. The word euthanasia comes from the Greek word Гв?Osgood death. Гв?0 For years, doctors have been banned from helping patients end their life. Dry. Jack Sovereign was the first known doctor to help people escape all the suffering. He told reporters, ;в?Гl believe that anta-euthanasia means pro-torture;в?C] (Whales). He was sentenced to over 60 years for his efforts and eventually all his charges were dropped. He saw no use in making someone suffer.

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Like Sovereign, Reborn thinks, Гв?cachet right to a good death is a basic human freedom. The Supreme Court’s decision to uphold aid in dying allows us to view and act on death as a dignified moral and godly choice for those suffering with terminal Illnesses;в?0(169). The Bible Is a good reference showing that mercy killing existed Malicious were killed, and Saul himself was seriously wounded. He asked his armor bearer to kill him, but his assistant refused. So he took a sword and fell on it. The armor bearer then also fell on his sword.

They both committed suicide (1 Samuel 31:4-6). Saul knew he could not live anymore knowing his sons would never return. These events are also described in (1 Chronicles 10:3-7). Saul took his life because of his injuries. He knew when the Philistines arrived; he would be tortured and brutally killed by them. Saw knew his death would be dragged out like a helpless person, slowly and painfully dying, so he quickly killed himself. Think if someone you cherished was dying due to an organ failure or the need of a new organ.

There are long waiting lists for hearts, kidneys, livers, and other organs that are necessary to save the lives of people who can be saved. Doctor-assisted suicide allows physicians to preserve vital organs that can be donated to others. However, if certain diseases are not stopped quickly and spread, the organs may weaken or stop working all together. Friends and family of the patient suffers Just as much or more than the patient themselves. Death should not be a dragged out painful thing and Г в?assisted suicide shows compassion for the dyingГв?0(Riffing 18).

Right now there is a shortage of medical staff in this country, especially nurses. If someone is going to eventually die and is desperately hanging on, why not grant their last wish and use that unneeded medical attention on someone who can be saved. Dry. Pitter Admiral, ND anesthesiologist and the first Dutch physician to express his opinion stated,Гв?o The main reason patients request euthanasia are the loss of dignity that may accompany the final stages of terminal illness and the acceptance that death is inevitable… Also, the patients] are in agonizing pain [and] ask for euthanasia as a last resort. ; It’s difficult to see a loved one in such pain for so long. It’s emotional and physically draining to see someone you truly care for suffer, knowing there is nothing you or a doctor can do. Doctor-assisted suicide gives the patient a chance to elk to his loved one and end his life with dignity.