Arguably, Asian American Pacific early pioneers were mainly settlers and not sojourners. In fact, this argument is particularly true when the situation at Los Angeles in 1940 is considered. Notably, most of the pioneers who came to work for the Union in the previous years before 1940 considered staying in America to be a better alternative to moving from one place to another between Asia, the Pacific region, and America. For instance, in 1940, many Mexicans, Japanese, Germans, Canadians, Chinese, and English had led to the rise of thousands of unregistered foreign-born residents. These individuals were then registered based on the Alien Registration Act, which was active in Los Angeles.[ "Asian Pacific American Historical Timeline Details (1940 to 1949) – Our Victories, Obstacles, and Leaders,” (Asian American Artistry, 2015), 2. ]

The other justification is that the massive opportunities and values that the pioneers found in the new areas led to them being settlers rather than mere sojourners. For instance, the first Chinese settlers occupied America’ Arizona state upon its accession to a full U.S. territory in the year 1863.[ [ Ibid., 10]he state comprised of various other people such as the Japanese. The diverse population of Arizona was crucial to the military and political control of the native Hispanic population. The Japanese utilized the resources in Arizona to advance their military aims in their nation.

What is more, the early pioneers of the Asian Pacific America regions were settlers in these lands considering the numerous natural resources that were available for utilization. For instance, the Chinese, the Japanese, and the English were attracted to the sparsely populated and rich western frontiers, which were by then considered beneficial areas to conquer. [ [ Ibid., 22]n areas such as Arizona, the pioneers had higher chances of settling given that the political and social atmospheres were less hostile. 

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To be brief, the Asian, Pacific, American early pioneers were mainly sojourners. Various factors drew them to the new lands, and they were ready to settle in the new areas, especially if on military, political, or social hostility was present.


“Asian Pacific American Historical Timeline Details (1940 to 1949) – Our Victories, Obstacles, and Leaders.” Asian American Artistry, 2015.