Auditing Term Paper

Paper on Auditing:

Auditing is the independent evaluation of the work of an organization, system, process and other things and phenomena. More often auditing is associated with accounting and business, when the work of the company, its profit and expenditure are valued from the point of view of an expert. In business auditing can be carried out in two different ways: internally and externally. Speaking about the internal auditing, it is organized directly by the employees of the company, for example, accountants and managers who measure the condition of the firm, analyze its business plan, value the success and failure of the firm, predict possible problems it can face and think about the best ways out of the problems and the best ways of the development of the company.

Auditing is held on the basis of the documents and contracts which can say much about the financial situation of the company, the quality of work of the employees and the ability of the company to complete on the market. The aim of auditing is to detect the weak sides in the work of the company, management and control in order to improve its work and effectiveness of the working process intensively. External auditing is held with the help of the independent organizations. This process is the prerogative of the firms and companies which employ the experts in accounting, economics, business and marketing and they analyze the condition of the company from the independent sober and objective point of view.

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