Portfolio Management Term Paper

Paper on Portfolio Management:

Portfolio management is the process of the skilful control over the process of the investment activity. Investment is a serious and important activity which is based on the donation of money to the certain firm which requires financing for the rapid and intensive development. Of course, the investor expects to return this money with the certain additional profit, so that he is very careful about the choice of the firm which is worth his money. In order to select the right reliable novice company which gives promises for the quality growth the investor practises portfolio management. Portfolio management is a complicated and varied process which requires responsibility and skills. The investor who wants to donate money into the certain firm should study the structure and the firm’s business plan, so that to look through its portfolio where the whole information about the projects, purpose, strong and weak sides, profit and expenditures will be revealed.

Moreover, the investor should be a little bit of a predictor who is able to analyze the current condition of the company and predict its further development on the basis of the received basic facts about the firm from its portfolio. Obviously, there are several levels of portfolio management speaking about the size of the company and its business plan. For example, there small firms which require not a big amount of money and there are big corporations and conglomerates which require donating with the promise of rapid development and success. There are also different types of investors – the private and public ones – the private individuals think about their own profit, and the state organizations expect to improve the country’s budget due to the investment.

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