Transcom Cables

This report described under some main headings. The first heading is introduction part. It deals with background of Transom Cables and other business units, overview of Transom Cables Ltd. Etc. The second part describes the business process of Transom Cables Ltd. It includes how Transom Cables is operating their business. There are some departments in I ransom saddles L a like supply canal, Logistic, Project etc. Ana ten process AT every part is discussed in this part. In some cases, like Advertising the result is not satisfactory.

End users are not being able to create a strong mind positioning because of low advertising strategies. Distributors often complain about the advertising method than the other company. The other competitors like BRB (which is holding 50% market share) is investing very big for advertising. So, to beat this kind of established strong competitor, I recommend, Transom should give emphasize to create a strong brand image in the mind of the customer. And finally, Customer relation should be increased to give appropriate service to them. And treat them as an asset of the company.

Transom Limited is the proud owner of rich history of continues business pursuits stretching back over 100 years. Transom originated with tea plantations in 1885 and is today, one of the leading and fastest growing diversified businesses over 5000 people. Not many industrial groups in Bangladesh can claim a history of continuous business pursuits stretching back over 100 years. Initially tea and later jute formed the backbone of the family business. Although these are still part of the activities, they contribute marginally to the overall group turnover.

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Transom Toady: These early industrial ventures have moved over to businesses involved in high-tech manufacturing, international trading and distribution, forming throng ties with a host of blue chip multinational companies, such as, Philips, Whirlpool and Changing. With a view to acquire an in-depth knowledge about the practical orientation and experiences of dynamic business world, it is obligatory to undertake an extensive study to prepare a term paper by the students of Financial department, Attar University, who are desirous to the successfully completion of their ABA degree.

During the preparation of the term paper, the students are guided and supervised by the faculties of the department with whom they are attached to. Each student is squired to work on a specific topic to his/her learning with the attachment of any respective organization. As part of the program, I am highly proud to Join with Transom Cables Ltd. As Internee and selecting topic “Performance evaluation: a case study on Transom Cables Ltd. “, I was placed in Transom Cables Ltd. , for a period of three months. This internship is an orientation to the entire working activities of Transom Cables Ltd.

Though I had worked there in several departments, but I had to select an area of study in which I can make detail research and present my understanding in the report. This report, “Performance evaluation: a case study on Transom Cables Ltd. “, has been prepared to fulfill the partial requirement of ABA program as a mean of Internship Program. While preparing this report, I had a great opportunity to have an in depth knowledge of all the publications activities of Transom Cables Ltd.

It has also established Pizza Hut, a popular international fast food shop in Bangladesh. Up to 2003 the following companies are doing business under Transom Group: Transom Limited: It is the flagship and holding company of the Transom enterprises. Transom Electronics Limited: The company is the official licensee of Philips Electronics N. V. Holland for lighting products, radio and T. V. Sets in Bangladesh. The Lighting division distributes PHILIPS lighting products to over 45,000 outlets ass over the country through an exclusive dealer network.

A separate Professional Lighting team handles energy saving, special applications and sports lighting. The Consumer Electronics division distributes PHILIPS televisions, radios, music systems ND domestic appliances. It is also the authorized sole distributor in Bangladesh for Changing Television (China). It is the authorized sole distributor in Bangladesh for WHIRLPOOL USA. The products include refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, microwave ovens and other domestic appliances. Bangladesh Lamps Ltd. L Is ten pre-implement nutcracker AT electric align Dulls In ten country. Nine company has an exclusive licensing agreement with PHILIPS Electronics N. V. Holland, under which it manufacturers PHILIPS lighting products. BAL was incorporated in 1960 as a subsidiary of PHILIPS, Holland. In March 1993, PHILIPS sold its entire shares to TRANSOM. Bangladesh Electrical Industries Limited: Bangladesh Electrical Industries Limited (BELL) is a leading producer of televisions and radios in Bangladesh and is the official licensee of PHILIPS Electronics N.

V. Holland. The company was incorporated in 1960 as a subsidiary of PHILIPS, Holland. In march 1993, PHILIPS sold its entire shares to TRANSOM. Transom Beverages Limited. The company is the exclusive Pepsi Franchisee for Bangladesh. Tabloids and operates modern plants in Dacha, Chitchatting & Bogart for booting the renowned Pepsi, pup, Miranda orange, Miranda lemon, Miranda apple, Slice and soda. Beverage Distribution Limited BAD is the distribution arm through which all Pepsi products are distributed all over Bangladesh.

Transom Distribution Co. Ltd. DC is the largest independent distribution setup in Bangladesh with full infra structural facilities provided by a countrywide network of branch offices with warehouse and delivery vans.