Baranagy information system – Term Paper

Municipal Government of Talker is an educational institution that operates on a semesters basis. Every semester, students have to take midterm and final examinations along with quizzes, assignments, term papers and other academic performances. Teachers will compute and submit grade reports of students for release. In this regard, most students are very eager to see their grades for some reasons. However, students are encountering problems regarding the process of the releasing of their grades.

The currently available facilities In the university Include the certification of grade report service provided by the NEST-MGM Registrar. Since there is only one employee who does the entire task, students will be given a specific date or time of the release of their grades that is why students will not be able to get their grades immediately. With all these concerns about the existing facilities, the proponents decided to develop an automated grade verification eastern This study will focus on designing and developing an Automated Grade Verification System (AGAVES) which wants to enhance the process and flow of the old system.

Background of the Study The development of the system changed the way society accesses and processes information. It is acknowledge that automated system can update and monitor information much easier compared to the manual system. The Registrar as well as the students of NEST-MGM wants to upgrade their manual system Into automated system. The Registrar spends a lot of time In storing, retrieving and updating students’ grades. For these reasons, It Is hard for the students to their grades released immediately. As far as lack in automated system is concerned and in order for the NEST-MGM,

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Talker Campus to be part of today’s increasingly fast-paced world, this study entitled automated grade verification system (AGAVES) was conducted. The automated grade verification system will make keeping and updating of information faster and more convenient by storing file of the NEST-MGM students in a computer system. The main function of the system is to enhance the process and flow of the old system that will allow students to verify their grades Information. This will also lessen the effort of the Registrar in processing and storing files of each student.

The information in a computerized system can be viewed in a faster way without worrying of data loss. Basically, the researchers want to help the school management as well as the students In solving their problems regarding the long process of releasing grades. The researchers attempt to design and develop a grade verification system which wants to enhance the process and flow of the old system. Statement of the Problem The currently available facilities In the university Include the certification of grade report service provided by the university registrar.

The Registrar does the manual tiring, retrieving and updating of student’s grades of Nava Echo University of 1 OFF employee who does the entire task, students will be given a specific date or time of release of their grades that is why students will not be able to know their grades immediately. The long process of inquiry of grades is inconvenient, tiresome and at some instances time consuming and costly. Specifically, it sought to answer the following questions: 1. What are the requirements of the NEST-MGM Registrar that shall be included in the development of the system? 2.

What are the steps to provide students better says of verifying their grades? Objectives of the Study This study will mainly focus on innovative system that will enable students to inquire about their grades through the use of an Automated Grade Verification System. Moreover, the proponents have the following objectives to accomplish: 1 . To eliminate or lessen the time consumed in the manual procedure. 2. To improve grade verification system of NEST-MGM such as certification of grades. 3. To keep all students data, secured and in proper storage for future references. 4. To evaluate the system based on the following criteria: a. Accuracy b.

Reliability . Efficiency d. Security e. Usability f. Maintainability g. Responsiveness Significance of the Study Most of the time, the students need their grades and the Registrar cannot assure them that they can release it in a short period of time so the students have no choice but to wait until it is done. Through the proposed system, it intends to perform the following operations; study and develop the manual operation by the office of the registrar; find out what are the circumstances causing the delay of the releasing of grades; minimize the time consumed in searching for the grades of the students in he filling and retrieval of data.

The automated grade verification system shall be done by simply typing the ID number of the student that will automatically generate the grade information needed. It can provide an instant report of the grades of the students. It is only intended for the students of Nava Acacia University of Science and Technology- Municipal Government of Talker and the system covers only the information about the student’s subject enrolled and their grades. It has a password protection for the security of the system.

Security will also be revived using a procedure that will require users to provide access identification before they can work around the premises of the system. Only the administration can add, edit, search, and view existing files. The purpose of the study may bring significance to the following: For the university, the proposed system can earn them good image because it will bring innovative alternative for the students. For the students, the proposed system will provide a convenient, easy-to-use and accessible service that will allow them to verify their grade information.

For future researchers, computerized grade inquiry. For the researchers of this study, the researchers being the main participants, will gain knowledge and experience to improve their skills in programming, system analysis and design. Scope and Limitation The proposed study deals with the development of automated grade verification system (AGAVES) for the students of NEST-MGM, Talker Campus, Talker, Innovative. The system includes the electronic filing, saving, searching and updating of NEST-MGM students’ records. These features are expected to make verifying of grades easier without using touchstones device.