Benefits of the Internet – Term Paper

Essay about Internet 

The internet has brought a revolution to the communication and computer world like nothing ever did before. The invention of various technologies like the radio, telephone, telegraph and the computer set the ground for the development of the sensation known as the internet.  It is now a broadcasting capability that is at a global capacity, a tool for effective communication and interaction between various individuals and their computers without physical contact or consideration of their geographic location. The internet is also is also an essential mechanism for the dissemination of information.  Leiner et al. apparently give people an understanding of how far the internet goes in developing various aspects of society. It is evident in their work concerning a brief history of the Internet when they say “The internet represents one of the most successful examples of the benefits of sustainable investments and commitment to research and development of information infrastructure,” (Leiner et al. 22).

The internet is an advanced and efficient form of communication. Years before communication took a lot of time and effort. People had to wait a long time to communicate during the era of writing letters also known as snail mail. Being in different parts of the world, meant that communication would take a bit of time and effort. After snail mail, there was the use of telephones and these were still a bit demanding. But with these developments and advancements in communication came the gradual evolution of the internet. It has revolutionized how communication occurs. With one tap of a button makes communication as easy and straightforward as breathing. People can access each other from whatever part of the world. It, therefore, means that people can keep in touch and communicate more frequently than before. Papsdorf brings about the idea of how the internet automates communication. He explains how it gets easier and faster just through the internet “Whereas for an extended period the influence of previous developments centered on mathematical and technical operations and the distribution of information; the internet has given rise to the development of new applications that automate communication itself,” (Papsdorf 991). 

Advantage of Internet

The internet also acts as a form of education platform. A lot of valuable information is available on the web for any individual who may need to use it. Google brings about an easy way for various people to access any form of information and thus a learning tool. The internet contains numerous videos that teach people how to do almost anything. For example, if one needs to learn how to bake there are easy steps available on the internet and videos too that provide it a step-by-step guideline on how to do bake.  The internet is an angel to society in that there is a lot of useful information available for students and anyone who needs learning materials. There are e-books, journals and various other sources of information that help make education a bit easier. There are also videos that help provide education to students around the world. They can watch these films and grasp whatever subject they want.

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Various forms of learning take place on the internet. There are different online schools where individuals do not necessary have to attend class to learn but have an online platform where they can interact with the teacher and other students. It is most convenient for college or university students who need to work while still going to school. In this case, the internet makes it easy for these students to access class wherever they go. It is turning out to be a useful form of learning especially for students who may want to study abroad. It provides a way of learning for them and in the end they still get the degree or diploma they desire from an international college or university. 

The Internet also provides a way for people to do business. Various companies have developed online shops that help them reach as many people as they can. These companies only create websites where they can post their items and allow every individual who would like to purchase them get easy access to these products. It, therefore, provides platforms for online shops and also opportunities for various companies to market their products and reach worldwide markets. Many of these businesses make it and surpass their projections only because of the internet. It is a precise indication of what the internet does for various enterprises in the world. 

The internet is much more to the society and the world than the paper may explain. There is so much more the internet offers to people that no other platform can. There are forms of information and help on how to deal with emergencies, how to access various forms of help or just a map to the rest of the world. It is, therefore, clear that the internet makes the world seem like a global village where everyone can easily interact with one another and get to access opportunities available elsewhere. These and more are why the internet is an angel.   

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