Bertrand Russell Term Paper

Russell is the British philosopher, public figure and mathematician. Russell is famous for his works on atheism, pacifism, liberalism and left political trends. Furthermore, he has made a considerable contribution into the mathematical logics, the history of philosophy and epistemology. In addition, Russell is known to work in the sphere of aesthetics, pedagogy and sociology. Russell is considered to be one of the founders of the English neorealism and neopositivism. In 1950 he received Nobel Prize for literature. Many critics and famous writers and philosophers characterized Bertrand Russell as one of the brightest minds of the century, because he supported humanistic and realistic ideas and freedom of speech on the West.

It is obvious that the worldview and philosophic ideas of Russell depend on the period where he lived. Historic events play a very important role for the formation of the human worldview, for example, being young and intelligent, Bertrand Russell dreamt about the world equality and freedom and reflected this idea in his works on socialism.

After World War I Russell sees the fears of war and the consequences of the international military conflicts and presents his pacifistic ideas praising peace. On the other hand, before World War II he denies the pacifistic ideas claiming that sometimes war can be for the common good. The philosopher managed to succeed in so many spheres and disciplines, because he studied all the time and travelled a lot (visited Russia, China, etc) and broadened his outlook seriously comparing the condition of every country. In the mature period of his activity Russell becomes disappointed with clericalism and becomes an atheist presenting his ideas in this field in the latest his works.

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Bertrand Russell is one of the brightest minds of the 20th century and everyone should know at least something about the life and activity of this philosopher and mathematician. The student should learn about his life, pay attention on the evolution of his ideas and analyze all the Russell’s contributions into different disciplines. The student should be as objective as possible and touch upon the activity of the philosopher from all sides evaluating his effect on the British society of the 20th century. In the end one should conclude the paper and compare Russell with other famous philosophers of his time.

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