Bill Clinton term paper

Throughout his presidential career, Bill Clinton was challenged by many economical problems. He also faced a huge personal problem that put him at risk of losing his presidency, that being the scandal with Monica Leniency. Republicans despised Bill Clinton; they always pointed out his flaws and did whatever they could to get him out of office. Clinton fought through all of these problems and the reason he overcame them were because he was diligent and hard working, took advantage of all of his second chances, and because he had a dedicated wife that would have his back at all times.

Clinton had a fairly slow start during his first two years of his presidency; many of his choices were not approved by congress. One of the first issues Clinton tackled was on homosexuals, and whether or not they should be allowed in the military. He promoted the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy which was supposed to discourage military leaders from asking new recruits about their sexual preference, and military personnel were not supposed to answer questions either. This was considered a huge failure and did not really settle any debates about sexual orientation.

Clinton also faced his biggest policy failure when he attempted to create a national health insurance program. According to Congress, Silicon’s program was considered too complicated, and that too much supervision would be required so that did not work out as planned. This was also considered a huge failure because it led to the Republicans regaining control of congress. The economy was already growing when Clinton came into office, but his failure to regulate the financial-services markets enabled the bad lending and Wall Street scams that led to the 2007 banking crisis.

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Another issue Clinton was dealing with during his presidency as crime. The number of federal prisoners doubled under Clinton, and 58 percent of them were serving time for drug related offenses. Clinton faced constant, childish scandals that distracted him from running the country. He was sued by Paula Jones for sexual harassment, and became the first president to testify in front of a grand Jury. Even that was considered one of the smaller scandals Clinton faced. The biggest scandal during Silicon’s presidency was the sex scandal with Monica Leniency.

Clinton was having an affair with a young White House intern named Monica Leniency. When things were Just starting to be exposed, all Clinton had done was deny. He denied that he ever had sexual relations with this woman, until eventually they had gotten proof. Leniency had been telling her coworker Linda Trip everything that had been going on between her and Clinton. Trip encouraged Leniency to tape a phone conversation between her and President Clinton, and during some of these phone calls he would talk candidly about their relationship.

After these tapes had been revealed to the public, Clinton admitted to have sexual relations with Leniency, and he had apologize and asked for America’s forgiveness. Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives on two charges, one of perjury and one of obstruction of Justice. Although he was impeached, he was not removed from office. There was only one other U. S President Bill Clinton term paper By muskrat to ever be impeached, which Just made Clinton seem like an even worse person. The American people questioned Silicon’s presidency and did not know if he was the right guy to be in charge of their country.

But Clinton thought otherwise, he did not care if people thought bad of him he wanted a second chance so he can make things right and really help the country. Clinton dubbed himself as “the comeback kid”. He earned this nickname after his second place finish in the New Hampshire primary, then it returned to him after the 1994 election and the scandal during his second term of his presidency. When Clinton finally announces his run for presidency, he shoots to the top of the polls in New Hampshire.

A few weeks before the primary, a young lounge singer named Jennifer Flowers appeared with phone conversations, and all Clinton did was deny everything Just like at the beginning of the Monica Leniency scandal. Clinton tried to avoid these problems and he intended to campaign for 20 hours a day, he was determined to win this presidency and made sure that nothing will stop him. A former White House secretary Dee Dee Dyers interviewed Clinton and asked “How many second chances does any one person deserve? ” and Clinton responded “As many second chances as a person is willing to take. Clinton took all of the second chances he could get, and each time he would make it count. Dedication and hard work was one of Silicon’s best traits. He could not stop working. Clinton would sometimes be up all night working, he would have to be forced to go to sleep. Although he had many failures, he had even more accomplishments. Clinton did a lot to help the economy grow. The U. S went from having the world’s largest budget deficit at $290 billion when Clinton was elected, to a budget surplus of $127 billion when Clinton stepped out of office. 22. 5 million Jobs were created and the unemployment rate dropped from 7. % to 4. 0% when Clinton came into office. Also, the poverty rate dropped to 11. 8% in 1999, which is the lowest it had been since 1979. Although the number of prisoners doubled under Clinton, the crime rate fell every year that Clinton was president, and was at a 26 year low at he end of his two terms. After Clinton signed the Brady Bill in 1993, it prohibited over 600,000 felons and fugitives from buying guns, and gun crimes had declined by 40 percent since 1992. In 1996, Clinton signed the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act, fulfilling his longtime commitment to end welfare.

This law contains strong work requirements, performance bonuses to reward states for moving welfare recipients into Jobs and reducing illegitimacy, state maintenance of effort requirements, comprehensive child support enforcement, and supports for implies moving from welfare to work, including increased funding for child care. By granting federal waivers Clinton allowed 43 states to require work, time-limit assistance, make work pay, improve child support enforcement, or encourage parental responsibility.

Clinton also supported working families by expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit. The Council of Economic Advisors conducted a study in 1997 that showed that the Earned Income Tax Credit lifted 4. 3 million Americans out of poverty. This study also snows that the increase in labor torte participation among single mothers who achieved welfare is very strongly connected to the Earned Income Tax Credit expansion. Clinton had a strategy of fiscal discipline, open foreign markets and investments in the American people. That strategy helped economic expansion for almost 10 years.

Each year since 1993 during that economic expansion the economy had grown at an average of 4 percent per year. Over 22 million Jobs were created under Clinton, more than any other single administration. Silicon’s strategy of fiscal discipline and a strong economy kept interest rates low, which allowed more families to buy the homes they wanted. Clinton and vice president AH Gore have almost doubled the financial aid for students which allowed more than a million students to work their ways through college. This also created new tax credits and even more scholarships for these students.

Clinton and Gore also had a new commitment to education technology. They increased the educational technology funding by 3000 percent, which increased the percentage of schools connected to the internet from 35 to 95 percent. Along with the economy, Clinton was helping the environment as well, more than any other president. He protected five national parks, designed 11 ewe national monuments while expanding two other ones, and proposed protection for over 60 million acres of road less land in national forests. As far as foreign policy accomplishments go, Clinton had a few.

Clinton signed the North American Free Trade Agreement (NONFAT), which created a trilateral trade block in 1994 between the U. S, Mexico, and Canada. As part of his peacekeeping missions, he deployed American troops into Somalia and Yugoslavia. To retaliate for the al-Qaeda bombings on U. S embassies in 1998, Clinton ordered missile strikes on terrorists in both Afghanistan and Sudan. Clinton also helped former Soviet nations to give up more than 1700 nuclear warheads, 300 launchers, and 425 land/submarine based missiles help the Soviet Union control their nuclear materials.

Bill Silicon’s wife, Hillary Clinton, was a major factor to his success as a president. She was Just as hard working as Bill, and could have done the Job Just as well, if not any better. Hillary always had Bill’s back; she always stood by his side even at the toughest times. At the time when the scandal with Monica Leniency was slowly starting to be unraveled, Hillary stayed strong. During an interview one day with Bill ND Hillary, Hillary was asked what she thinks of the whole situation. She said that she did not believe any of it, she mentioned that her and Bill loved each other deeply.

Hillary was much stronger than Bill, sometimes she had to be his backbone. She helped Bill throughout his presidency in many ways. Hillary major initiative was the Clinton Health Care plan, which failed to get approval from the Congress. However, Clinton played a leading role in advocating the creation of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, the Adoption and Safe Families Act, and the Foster Care Independence Act. The State Children’s Health Insurance Program expanded health insurance for children in lower income families.

The Adoption and Safe Families Act was a legislation that eased the removal of children from abusive situations. Hillary was a forceful advocate for women’s rights; she helped create the Department of Justice’s Office on violence against women in 1994. Hillary addressed e n et Nations Fourth n World Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995, and seen declared “It is time for us to say here in Beijing, and for the world to hear, that it is no longer acceptable to discuss women’s rights as separate from human rights.

Clinton left a legacy when he left; he was considered a great president despite the few issues he had struggled with. Silicon’s approach to government was more moderate than previous presidents. He showed that he was more concerned for business growth. Clinton pursued trade policies that increased the role of American business in the global economy, and he had success in reforming or restructuring some government programs. The economy boomed under Clinton, trade increased, and government spending was reduced; all of that helped fuel the longest sustained economic growth in American history.

The Clinton administration worked hard in peace efforts between Israel and Palestine. Bill Clinton continued to pursue trade expansion, which is what led to improved relations with many other countries. Although Clinton did help the country in numerous ways, his scandals and lies left a mark. Due to those scandals, it was tough for AH Gore to run for president in the election in 2000. AH Gore ended up losing the election and a prime reason was believed to be because of Bill Clinton. In conclusion, Bill Clinton was one of the most helpful presidents today, and that is why he kept his Job.

Clinton proved that he was strong at rebounding from setbacks and personal scandals. There was a reason why he had and earned the title “the comeback kid”. Clinton also proved that he was one of the most hardworking presidents. He took America into his own matters and completely turned it around. Clinton took America out of a national debt and actually put it into a surplus. He had created peace with many countries, helped many schools and students get a better education, helped families get Jobs and be able to live better, and he had gotten rimes to an all time low.

The last contributor to his success was his devoted wife, Hillary Clinton. Being at Bill’s side through thick and thin; Hillary saved his presidency during the time of the scandal. She has proved that she is Just an effective leader as Bill, and that is why there is a possibility that she will be running for president in the next election. Bill and Hillary have showed how great of a team they can be, starting from all the way back as to when he ran for governor of Arkansas, to his two terms as president, Hillary stood by him through everything.